You May Be the Author of Your Business, But Your Customers Write the Reviews

If customer’s opinions are so important, why don’t we ask for them so we can serve them better?

If you are a business owner, independent contractor, or sales professional, you have a great opportunity. You get to write the story of your, customers

You name the story. (Business name, logo, brand identity)

You put together the table of contents. (Location, sales process, vendors)

You determine the main characters. (Management, team members, strategic partners)

You choose the plot. (Vision, mission, marketing, customer service)

Here’s where the story changes.

Your customers will edit and publish your story.

Your customers will always have the final say.

They will provide the reviews.

Your customers will decide if the business will ultimately be a success or a failure.

Your title, contents, characters, and plot will go a long way to set the tone and provide your customers with a great experience.

We all know that, but the reality is that the customers will always have the last word and most importantly will be your greatest or worst publicist.


How can you improve the chances our customers will edit, publish, and publicize the stories you want?


Although there is no guarantee we can have our customers always say glowing things about us, there is one basic idea that should help.

Ask Them!!

Have you ever surveyed your current customers to find out why they did business with you, what they like best about you, and how you could serve them better?

If you are like most, the answer is probably no? Why not?

These are the people that have earned your trust and paid you money. Ask them why they do business with you.

Your customers will tell you what they like, what they don’t like, and what makes them happy.

Not only is this information invaluable in terms of the data it provides, but it also makes your customer feel like you care about them. Isn’t that what we all want?

A happy customer who knows you care about them that also provides specific information on how to find the right prospects and help current customers.

What’s the best survey?

Email and direct mail may be the easy way to get a survey, but it’s impersonal and you will probably get a very low rate of return. How many of you have received an email survey and felt like “these guys really care about me?”

I would suggest finding your top 10-15 customers and spending time with them in person or on the phone. Tell them you sincerely appreciate their business and that you need their help so you can better serve them and your other customers.

If you have established a good relationship and they know you are trying to improve, they will want to help you.

What to do with this information?

Take this information you have learned and start implementing back into your book.

Find ways to make sure your strengths align with your customers. Take a hard look at you vision, mission, brand, marketing, sales process, customer service, and team members. Are these things best serving your customers?

You will never know if you don’t ask.


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  • Matt Brown

    Authenticity and sincerity are the best approaches and always have been, great reminder Brent.

    • brentmkelly

      Thanks Matt. I know those attributes have been a huge factor to your success. All the best.