You Have to go First

“If you wait until you can do everything for everybody, instead of something for somebody, you’ll end up not doing anything for anybody.” Malcom Bane

Yesterday I attended my local chamber of commerce business before hours. I arrived later than I wanted to and quite honestly, I questioned if I should even go inside at all.

If you have ever hesitated to go to any type of networking event maybe you have said things like this to yourself, “What’s the point, I won’t meet anyone new anyway?” or “It’s the same people, I should just stay home,” or “I have so many things to get done, I don’t have time to go.”

I have said all of those things at one time or another. But let’s face the truth, these are all logical excuses for the emotional fear of getting outside of your comfort zone.

One thing I have learned first hand over the past 20 years is that building strong connections takes hard work and energy. No one builds a strong network and positive connections by staying at home, staring at your phone, or sitting in the car.

My mentor says, “Initiative is to any relationship what a lighted match is to a candle.” You have to go first.

Taking initiative is a key point in connecting in all areas of communication. It could be a less direct contact like sending a positive text message, commenting on someone’s social media page, or sending that email. It can also be a more direct contact like picking up the phone, reaching your hand out to introduce yourself, or meeting someone for a cup of coffee.

The point is that to become a world-class connector and build your network, you must take the initiative. No one will ever do it for you.

A Jewish proverb says, “The wise does at once what the fool does at last.” That is so true when it comes to connecting with others.

There is no perfect moment when it comes to meeting someone new or reconnecting with someone in your past. Why not now?

You have value. You are a person of value. You add value to others. Why would ever want to diminish who you are and what you give to others by not taking action to build relationships every day.

Starting a new conversation may feel awkward. Maybe they won’t want to talk with you. Maybe they will come across cold or rude. Maybe they will ignore you? Who cares…….You can only control your response, not theirs.

When you hesitate to connect with someone, it’s that little voice talking to you telling you to “stay safe and be comfortable.” That little voice may seem like its’ trying to protect you, but all it’s doing is limiting your potential.

Every relationship you build provides you new opportunities, experiences, introductions, and insight.

Don’t ever miss your chance to take action to introduce yourself. One connection has the power to change your life… just have to go first and take the initiative.

Who will you connect with today? What are you waiting for?

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