You Don’t Have to Know How

I like to inspire. I like to challenge the norm. I like to push buttons.

Way too many businesses are stuck in the comfort zone.

When I consult with insurance agencies, I push them to do things that they haven’t done before.

We discuss new ideas and challenge traditional ways of doing business.  Initial excitement is quickly followed by the deer in the headlights expression on their face.

It’s the expression of fear. Why?  Because although they may agree that changes need to be made and can believe in the vision, they don’t know exactly how to do it.

I recently listed to speaker and my mentor Paul Martinelli discuss goal setting and he said something that was music to my ears. If you face uncertainty in your business, it will bring your comfort.

He said, “You don’t have to know how.”  

Insurance agencies and producers get frozen in “the how.”  I hear statements like:

  • We know we should grow our digital presence, but we don’t know how
  • We know we need to attract and train young producers, but we don’t know how
  • We know that the consumer has changed and we need new methods to reach them, but we don’t know how

And all to often, that’s where the conversation ends.

Nobody knows how to do anything until they actually do it.  The greatest business successes have come from those companies that didn’t let “the how” stop them. Until you actually try anything at best it’s an educated guess.

  • The Wright Brothers didn’t know “how” to fly a plane, but they did it.
  • Jeff Bezos didn’t know “how” to sell books online, but he did it.
  • I didn’t know “how” to start a coaching and speaking business, but I did.

You may have heard the phrase, “If the why is big enough, the how doesn’t matter.”

It’s 100% true.  When you want something bad enough, you will figure out a way to make it happen.

“You don’t have to know how, you just have to know how to get it.” Paul Martenelli

Successful people and businesses that make significant positive changes don’t succeed because they had a complete road map in front of them.  They succeed because nothing will get in their way.

“The #1 catalyst to change is action.” John C. Maxwell

If you are hesitant to make a change, I offer you one piece of advice. Take action.

I’m not advising you to be impulsive and act without thought. I’m suggesting that if you wait for the perfect solution or guarantee of how it the change will be made, you will never start.

When you take action, you will likely suffer some bumps and bruises along the way, but that’s how you innovate, lead, and learn.

Instead of spending so much time worrying about how you will make changes, spend time making them.

Question: What actions are you taking now? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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