Will You Engage in the Process?

“The secret to your success is found in your daily agenda.”

This week I recorded a call with two other members of a brand new insurance leadership team I am working with called, “Agents of Growth.”

The mission of Agents of Growth is to provide purposeful and inspiring business growth to insurance professionals. You will be hearing more about Agents of Growth over the coming weeks, but on our very first call, we discussed the importance of “The Law of Process.”  NOTE: THE CALL DOESN’T GET STARTED UNTIL 0:15.

On this call you will learn:

  • The different between inspiration and improvement.
  • The importance of understanding and applying daily habits.
  • Why you need to surround yourself with people who are ahead of you.
  • That there is no such thing as instant success.
  • The law of process can be fun when you follow your passion.
  • Growth always starts from the inside.
  • You can’t give what you don’t have.
  • How to find time in your busy schedule for daily growth.

I know this call will add value to your life and business. Join our LinkedIn community today so you can engage in the conversation and be notified of our next free insurance leadership mastermind community call.

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