Why You Need to Stop Focusing on the Competition

Are you spending too much time worrying about your competition?

Salespeople love competition. Great salespeople hunger for it.

I personally have always loved competition. Whether it be playing pick-up basketball, competitive football, or Monopoly, I love to win.

I am sure you love to win too. If you don’t, you may want to reconsider this sales thing:)

Although competition can be great for the soul, it can also make us lose focus.

I love to golf, but with four kids and a full schedule, I don’t play as often as I would like. That being said, when I play against others, I want to win.

Golf is like most games in that the mental aspect usually outweighs the physical. However, in golf, you have literally minutes between shots.

Sometimes in my competitive nature, I get focused on my opponent. Where did their ball go? What is their score? How does their swing look?

Yes, there can be some competitive advantage in observing your competition. However, none of those advantages will help YOU focus on YOUR shot.

Focusing on the competition makes you, “take your eye off the ball.” It shifts the focus from the controllable to the uncontrollable.

The same is true for many business owners, salespeople, and entrepreneurs. They get so worried about what the competition is doing that they forget to focus on what’s really really important…………Their customers.

It’s easy to lose focus. We want to know what our competition is doing. How can beat the competition?

The reality is that by putting your focus on creating an unbelievable customer experience, you are taking the steps to do just that.

There will always be competition. Some good and some bad. There is only one you.

You control the product, service, and experience. You set the tone and you are accountable.

Make sure you are focusing on the right thing. If so, your competition won’t be happy.

Question: Do you focus on your competition? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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  • Brent,

    I am guilty of this. Not necessarily because I’m looking to beat them… as I don’t believe insurance or marketing to be Zero Sum games… but because of the things they do that I’d like to be able to do.

    What I always end up realizing is we have to create our own unique method. There are frameworks to help guide us… but in the end it has to be ours.



    • brentmkelly

      Ryan, I agree. I don’t think we should ignore the competition, but I do think that many of us (me included) worry more about what others are doing than what we are doing. I think that kills our creativity and our personal brand. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Tom Larsen

    No, I focus on how different I am than the competition. I focus on my strenghth vs their weakness but not on them per say.

    • brentmkelly

      Awesome Tom. I think you are on the right track. Be the difference maker not just another guy!

  • Jamie Gustafson

    “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”
    ― Henry Ford
    I always think this and tell myself focus on making the new thing (the car) not on being another horse.

    • brentmkelly

      Love the Henry Ford quote Jamie. Thanks.