Why You Must Build Your Reputation Before a Prospect Appointment, Not After

In sales, there is no more important asset than your reputation.  

Imagine you enter a meeting with your prospect prepared, focused, and ready to deliver. You build great rapport during the initial meeting, discuss new ideas, and ways you can bring value to the table.

Later that week, you learn that the prospect selected another agent. You are perplexed, frustrated, and angry.

What happened?

Maybe your reputation let you down, or better yet, your “lack of” reputation.  

It’s safe to say that all salespeople agree that developing and maintaining a positive reputation with prospects and customers is vital.

In today’s sales world, how can you build a dynamic reputation?  

In the past, sales producers have relied on prospect meetings, phone calls, customer testimonials, and marketing materials to establish and build a positive reputation.

All of those ways are fabulous ways to earn likability and trust, but today’s super producers go a step further.

Successful agents today have learned how to grow their presence and credibility before the first meeting ever takes place.

In the connected generation, your reputation starts before the first time you ever meet a prospect.

A question I often ask anyone in sales is, “Are you Googlable?”

It sounds at first like a crazy question, but it’s far from it. In fact, moving forward, it may be one of the most important questions you can ask.

How is your online reputation? If I searched your name today, what would I find? What wouldn’t I find? Would I be impressed or underwhelmed?

Most importantly, if I searched for you online today, would I want to learn more about you and desire an appointment?

Typically, the answer is “no” for most financial professionals. Instead of providing valuable content online that their audience could utilize, salespeople rely on their company’s marketing materials, and one-on-one appointments.

I love a face to face appointment or a warm phone call, but don’t sell yourself short.

How can you gain mutual respect with your prospects before you pick up the phone or shake hands?

In the old days you could get away with being a company man. Today you better be your own man or woman. You better have your own brand and your own reputation because it gets there way before you do, and sets the tone for the mutual respect you’re hoping for.” Jeffrey Gitomer

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      That is awesome. It was ‘destiny’ 🙂