Ask Yourself This Question Today!

What are some things you really want to achieve in your business and/or life?

Is it more money, better relationships, bigger house, paying off credit card debt, taking more vacations, giving more to your favorite charity, or that fancy sports car?

Now, let me ask the same question again with a caveat. What are some things you really want to achieve in your business/life……if you knew you could not fail?

Did your answer change?

When I ask the first question to insurance agency leaders and producers, I generally get answers like “Grow my book of business, or add more clients.” Those are decent answers, but when I add the second part of the question, I am often met with pause and reluctance.

Why? Listing the basic things, you want to do often relegates you to your comfort zone. We typically answer with things we have already done or know that we can consciously achieve.

When I ask, “What would you do if you could not fail?” it requires you to think bigger and beyond what you view as “realistic.” It challenges your rational thinking.

This was a question that was asked to me a few years ago by one of mentors and it continues to challenge me today.

I have learned that as humans, you and I have unlimited potential, yet the desire to feel safe and secure prevents us from accomplishing things we never thought possible.

Why do so many of us hold ourselves back from our true potential? Why do we often settle for good, when we could be great?

Too often, we are afraid of making mistakes and going beyond our current level of awareness.

If you want to improve you must admit you don’t have all the answers. You must be willing to do things that may make you feel silly. You must be willing not only to make mistakes, but fully embrace them as part of your journey. You must also be able to think beyond your current level of awareness.

If I asked you the question, “What would you do if you could not fail?” your conscious mind will try to limit your true potential. Your conscious mind only allows you to either accept or reject ideas. Your conscious mind will look at your past performance as the main indicator of future success.

My mentor told me, “Your existing results are NOT a representation of your potential; They only represent your current level of awareness of your potential.”

Let that sink in for a moment. That phrase has rocked my world and hope it will do the same for you.

The results you have experienced up to this point do NOT represent your potential, yet often that is what is shaping your goals, dreams, and aspirations. It’s a cycle of producing average results.

It’s time to challenge your thinking. It’s time to challenge your current level of self-awareness. It’s time to challenge the self-limiting beliefs that are sabotaging your future success.

So, let me ask one more time and this time I want you to not allow your conscious mind to prevent you from really exploring what it is you want to accomplish.

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