What is Your “Rule of 5?”

Last week I attended the International Maxwell Certification in Orlando, FL. This event is inspiring, encouraging, and filled with great new ideas.

One of the ideas shared last week was “The Rule of 5” from John Maxwell. I have read about “ The Rule of 5” before in John’s book, “Put Your Dream to the Test,” but hearing it again live put it in a new perspective for me. As I often teach, there is a huge difference between knowing and doing. I knew “The Rule of 5,” but I have not been living it out fully.

If you haven’t heard of this rule, John explains it like this. Imagine you had a large tree in your backyard you wanted to chop down. Every day you could go outside and give it 5 whacks with an axe. You would do this day after day until the tree would finally come down.

This story demonstrates the power of consistency. It also shows that you must know the goal you want to achieve and that you have the right tools.

What if you took five swings at a different tree every day? You would have a lot of injured trees, but very little result because you weren’t focused on the end goal.

What if you took swings with a baseball bat to the same tree everyday? You would have consistency, but little results because you were using the wrong tool.

One of the keys to success is to know your purpose. Knowing your purpose comes from aligning your passion with your strengths.

Once you spend time understanding both your passion and strength, you can begin to carry out “The Rule of 5” into your daily life.

They don’t have to be big, but they have to be aligned with what you want, in your strength zone, and repeated daily.

Let me give a couple of examples. As an active insurance agent my daily “Rule of 5” was:

  1. Reading/listening for 15 minutes of something positive
  2. Adding value to at least one client
  3. Connecting with new person/business
  4. Learning more about an insurance coverage or issue
  5. Writing/Journaling

I realized that if I could be consistent with these 5 things day after day, I would grow myself and grow my business.

Today as a speaker and coach, my “Rule of 5” has changed slightly, but listening to John speak last week has made me dig deep into the 5 things that will provide me the greatest results. My current “Rule of 5” is:

  1. Writing–minimum 30 minutes
  2. Speaker training–minimum 15 minutes learning, practicing, or performing
  3. Reading–minimum 30 minutes (audio or book)
  4. Networking–Adding value to 5 people every day
  5. Thinking/reflecting/journaling–15 minutes minimum

These 5 things align both my passion and purpose to help me achieve the results I want. You can do the same. Just like earning interest in your bank account, the results may not happen fast, but they will compound and multiply.

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