Want Success? Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

If you want to grow, you need to start embracing the uncertainty of life. That’s where the magic happens.

The problem is that uncertainty is uncomfortable. Really uncomfortable.

Most people want assurance.  We want to know what to expect and avoid surprises.  Although we crave success, taking a leap of faith into anything often holds us back.

Let me ask you a few questions?

Have you always wanted to try something, but fear has been holding you back?

Are you worried about trying something new and not succeeding?

Do you have a dream that you have been putting on hold because of the uncertainty it brings?

My guess is that you answered yes to some or all of those questions.  I know I have many times in my life.

My challenge for you is to begin the process of getting comfortable being uncomfortable.  If you want to grow as a person and learn new ideas, you have to begin pushing yourself away from certainty.  The reality is that there is no certainty anyway.  Life brings us no guarantees.

How do I overcome being uncomfortable?

Moving yourself out of your comfort zone will never be easy.  Like anything in life worth doing, easy is usually not part of the equation.  The key is to understand that although it may not be easy, it will be worth it.

Think about your dreams and goals.  What are they?  How do you plan to get there?

Unless your dreams are limited to conquering a video game or guessing the next American Idol (which is a whole other discussion), you will be required to get out of your comfort zone to achieve them.

If you want to run a 5k, but have never ran before and are out of shape, you will eventually have to run that first mile.  That will be uncomfortable.

If you want to achieve your sales goal, you may have to put in extra time, get an article published, or speak at an event .  That will be uncomfortable.

If you want to improve your marriage, you may need to go see a counselor or sit down and have an honest discussion with your spouse.  That will be uncomfortable.

The next step is up to you.

There isn’t a clear-cut solution to becoming more comfortable being uncomfortable.  The decision to take that next step is ultimately up to you.

You have to make the first move.   You must believe in your cause.  You need to declare war on fear.

Your success is worth it.

What has been holding you back?  

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