Want Better Answers and More Sales? Start Asking Better Questions

Asking great questions will make or break you in the world of sales.

“Questions are to sales as breath is to life. If you fail to ask them, you will die. If you ask them incorrectly, your death won’t be imminent, but it’s inevitable. If you ask them correctly, the answer will be……a sale.” Jeffrey Gitomer, The Sales Bible

So if salespeople know that asking great questions is the key to success, then why to most salespeople ask such terrible ones?

How much time each day to you devote to asking dynamic questions to your prospects and customers? My guess is the answer is somewhere between zero and a passing thought.

Here is my plea to you Mr. Salesperson. Start taking a few minutes ,even better a few hours each week crafting and practicing asking great questions.

I guarantee you it’s more important than the latest reality TV show or browsing the internet.

Basic principles of asking great questions.

I recently watched an awesome webinar by Jeffrey Gitomer at www.gitomervt.com (check it out for 5 days for FREE).

Jeffrey described in detail the science of asking questions. Here were his top 12.5 (as only Jeffrey can do) questions you must ask yourself to determine if YOU are asking the right questions.

Are you ready? These are good!

1. Is the question clear and concise?

2. Does the question require productive thinking before the prospect can formulate a response?

3. Does the question force the prospect to evaluate new information or concepts?

4. Does the question make you seem more knowledgeable than your competitors by probing in new area?

5. Does the question lead the prospect (or you) to draw from past experience?

6. Does the question generate a response that the prospect has never thought of before?

7. Does the question provide a (sincere) tie down answer that moves the presentation process closer to a close?

8. Does the question relate directly to the prospect’s business situation?

9. Does the question relate directly to the prospect’s objectives?

10. Does the question draw information from the prospect that helps you make the sale easier?

11. Does the question create an atmosphere that is positive and conductive to make a sale?

12. Are you asking a question back when a prospect asks you one?

12.5. And of course the ultimate question: Are you asking for the sale?

By understanding and implementing these 12.5 principles to asking great questions, you can go from an average producer to a super producer.

Here’s the kicker, mastering these question skills aren’t easy. Most people won’t do them, but those that do will have a huge advantage and start taking business from their competition

Question: What is the best question a salesperson has ever asked you? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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All the best in your success!

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