The Right Words Make all the Difference

I am simply amazed by the power of words.  

“Words do two major things: They provide food for the mind and create light for understanding and awareness. “- Jim Rohn

Growing up, I loved to talk. I talked to everyone including friends, family, and even some strangers. My dad would often just shake his head and try to listen as I would babble on……and on…….and on. Now with four kids of my own, I find myself often doing the same thing.

As much as I enjoyed taking as a kid (and still do today), I never fully understood the true power of words until I started speaking and writing both in public and one-to-one.

  • Words can attract or repel
  • Words can brighten someone’s day
  • Words can impact a community or business
  • Words can give insight to shape thinking
  • Words can lift up or tear down
  • Words can start a movement
  • Words can start, end, and heal relationships
  • Words can motivate
  • Words can infuriate
  • Words can and do inspire new thoughts, ideas, and perspectives

So what does all of this mean to you?

So, let me ask you a question. Are you spending time each day working on becoming a better communicator through writing and speaking?

I don’t mean just sending emails and making phone calls, but are you actively focused on becoming a better communicator in every interaction?

If you are leading teams or your prospects and clients, the power of communication will make or break you.

So why do most professionals avoid studying the application of words?

It could be number of reasons, but most if you ask most people, they would tell you that they are already great communicators……well at least above average.

Are you sure?

Have you ever video taped yourself giving a presentation? Have you ever written an article in a public forum?

For most leaders, those answers are usually no.

As Jeffrey Gitomer states, “Instead of saying I know that already, ask yourself, how good am I at that.”

I have worked on my communication skills every day for the last several years. Although I still have a long way to go, I have made huge strides. Developing communication skills is an everyday process. What is your process of communication development?

The Bottom Line

Becoming a great communicator takes work, hard work. That’s why most people don’t do it.

Top leaders and sales professionals understand the power of becoming a dynamic communicator. They study, practice, and use the power of words.

What will you do?

I challenge you to spend 30 minutes every day improving your writing and speaking skills.

Want an easy way to start?

Start writing your thoughts and ideas in a journal or start a blog. Then record yourself reading it. Practice and execute every day and soon others will be looking to you as a leader in communication.

Question: How are you utilizing the power of words? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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