The One Thing You Can’t Afford to Lose

It’s been said that you can survive 40 days without food, 4 days without water, 4 minutes without oxygen, but we can only survive about 4 seconds without hope.

Napoleon Bonaparte said, “Leaders are dealers in hope.”

Top Leaders and sales producers have to be able to take a punch in the gut and keep going despite the pain and frustration. The must stay hopeful even in the midst of any crisis.

Why is that some leaders continue to persevere through trials and tribulations while others simply throw in the towel? I believe the difference maker is hope.

My business mentor John Maxwell writes about the power of hope in his book, “Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn,” and says that hope is our greatest asset and weapon we have to battle our losses when they seem to be mounting. Here is what he writes that hope can do for all of us.

  • Hope looks for the lesson in defeat instead of just leaving you feeling defeated
  • Hope discovers what can be done instead of what can’t be done
  • Hope regards problems, small or little, as opportunities
  • Hope lights a candle instead of cursing the darkness
  • Hope opens doors where despair closes them
  • Hope draws strength from what can be instead of what was
  • Hope cherishes no illusions nor does it yield to cynicism.
  • With hope, failure is a skipping stone. Without home, failure is a tombstone.

You will have difficult days, difficult weeks, and difficult months……just don’t lose hope. Even when it looks like there is no way to win, you must continue to believe.  The only way to make a comeback is to keep going.

This video shows that no matter how far you are behind, if you continue to push yourself despite the odds, you can do great things.

Reaching your potential in life and business will take a healthy dose of hope to get your through the challenging times. Embrace it.

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