The Great Exaggerator

This past Sunday was a national holiday for many Americans. Yes, it was Super Bowl Sunday.

Now, I must admit as a busy father of four young kids (who couldn’t care less about football) and as a suffering Chicago Bears fan, I wasn’t overly excited about this game. However, it was the Super Bowl and at least I might be able to see a funny commercial.

After watching the Atlanta Falcons run off to a 21–3 halftime lead and just before the excitement of Lady Gaga’s halftime show, I snuck away to my office to get some things ready for a new week.

As I often do, I started to get caught up in a few of the projects I am working on and before I knew it, over an hour had passed. I figured the game was nearing the end and that the Falcons were ready to claim their first Super Bowl trophy.

As I got the kids in their beds and flipped on the TV in my room, I was surprised to see that the Patriots had stormed back and had the ball with a chance to tie the game. I watched the Patriots march down the field, convert a 2 pt conversion, and then storm down the field again on their first drive in overtime to win the Super Bowl.

Like many fans across the country, I was thinking to myself, “What in the world happened?” How could a team come back from 25 points down to win a game?

The great exaggerator was at work!

Momentum is hard to describe, but easy to identify. Momentum makes everything look bigger and brighter when working for you, and makes everything twice a difficult when it’s working against you.

Your business is much the same way. Every small win, every accomplishment, every positive decision creates momentum.

When some teams are down, they try to get all the points back at once even though it’s impossible. They get desperate and start to make bad decisions.

If your business is stagnant or struggling, look for small ways to start building momentum. Maybe you can’t land the big account in one day, but you can start building the relationship and adding value. Maybe you can’t fix a toxic office culture in a week, but you can begin to make small positive changes.

What are 3 small things you can do today to build momentum for your business? If things are going the wrong direction, maybe just like a sport’s coach does when things are going bad, you need to call a time-out to regroup.

Momentum will either work for or against you and its power can’t be denied. It truly is the great exaggerator.

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