Stop Selling Information. Two Better Alternatives

Do You Sell Information or Outcomes?

Do you remember having a friendly argument over a stupid topic prior to smartphones or even the internet?

I do. They usually went something like this. “Who was the starting pitcher for the Giants when they won the world series”? One person thinks it’s one guy and the other person thinks it’s someone different. The stupid argument goes on until you found an encyclopedia, or you found an expert.

Stupid arguments go faster today. Now, someone (probably both) grabs their smart phone and searches for the answer on their high-speed LTE network. In a matter of about 10 seconds the argument is over.

Not only do you find out who the starting pitcher was, but you get the entire roster, photos, final score, season schedule, and every stat imaginable.  It’s crazy how much information we have at our fingertips.

We live in the instant information age. Do you want an answer now? No problem.

The problem is that many salespeople still sell like their customers need all the information possible. Customers can find all the information they need in minutes from Google, Wikipedia, or YouTube.

So what is a salesperson to do? Do our clients not need us anymore?

Of course not. Obtaining information is only half the battle. Customers need to know what to do with that information.

I believe in today’s world, salespeople need to focused on two main things.

1) Selling advice and outcomes vs. just selling information.

Take the insurance business. Here is an example. Prospects and customers can read about what replacement cost coverage is for their building. They can collect this information online, but often have a hard time digesting it.

This is where you come in. Your job is to take this information and turn into an outcome solution. Why is that important to them? How does it apply to their specific situation. Use stories and real world scenarios to allow them to see the outcome or result of buying this product.

In minutes on their own, a prospect or customer can get the definition and big picture idea of a question they have on a product or service you offer.  What they need to know is how this applies to them.

Stop selling information. Sell advice and outcome. Your prospects and customers will thank you for it.

2) Become the expert.

What if when your prospect or customer searched online for an answer they were looking for an answer from you showed up?

Do you think that would give you credibility? I think so. Why are we depending on other people to give our clients information, when we know it better than they do.

Let me use a personal example. I wrote a post titled, “What The Heck is an Experience Modification Rate” about two years ago. This post answered a simple question that many of my customers had.

This post has generated over 7,000 views, and I have received many calls and inquiries because of it.

People didn’t come to me asking for a comparison quote. They asked for more information and help. Why? Because they sought me as the expert. That is a huge difference in the selling world today.

You can do the same thing. Use blogging, video, speaking, and any other resource to leverage yourself as the expert.

The Bottom Line.

Information is everywhere and it is instant. You have two choices.

1) Focus on outcomes and advice not simply information
2) Become the expert that your prospects and clients trust

I suggest you do both. Happy selling.

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  • Brent,

    Couldn’t agree with you more dude…I start every single presentation I give with a simple slide:

    “We are no longer the gatekeepers of our expertise”

    Everything we know can be found online.

    It’s what we help people do with that information.


    • brentmkelly

      Love that opening line Ryan. Awesome. Honored to have you stop by and comment.