One my all-time favorite books is “Rhinoceros Success” by Scott  Alexander.  It was one of the first personal development books I read about 20 years ago.  It’s simple, effective, and timeless.   Here is one of my favorite passages.
 rhino charge
The first order of your day as a rhino is to charge.  Hopefully, you have something to charge at. You must have some goals that will add purpose to your life as a rhinoceros.  If you have been getting up every morning, to work all day, just to buy yucca-yucca bushes for dinner and pay the rent, then it’s time to get mad.  It’s time to get disgusted!  It’s time to say I have and ENOUGH of being a lazy cow grazing in the pasture day after day!
I am fed up with doing nothing, seeing nothing, and accomplishing nothing!  I woke up this morning as a rhinoceros! I’m going to sacrifice the security and complacency of the pasture and live a rhinoceros life of excitement and adventure in the jungle. I am going to be a rich rhino!
GET MAD!  Who is going to argue with a disgusted, angry, three-ton rhinoceros?  You will get what you want.  Just CHARGE it down!  Vow never to go back to that pasture again. Forget your lazy cow buddies.  Go out and meet new rhinoceros friends. 
Go out and make it happen…!