Salespeople, Focus on Your Health as Much as You Focus on Your Customers. Here’s How.

Do you want to be more productive, feel great, sleep better, have more energy?  If so, make a commitment to your health and find your why.

If you are a business owner, salesperson, or just a mover and a shaker, good health is vital if you want to make things happen.

The question is, why do most sales professionals not spend any time taking care of themselves?  Salespeople put time and energy into clients, vendors, personal relationships, etc, but forget to focus on themselves.

I often hear sales professionals say things like, “I will eat better tomorrow” or “I will start a new workout program soon,” but never get to it.

Why does this happen?  Because it’s difficult, takes commitment, and most importantly, there is no established why.

It’s no different from anything else in life.  If you put the time and energy into anything to be more successful, you will achieve results.  Is getting more customers easy? No, but if you work at it you will be successful.  Is being a better spouse easy? No, but if you work at it you will be successful.

The same is true of our health.  For some reason, it’s easy to put our health down the list of important items.

I challenge you to take your health as serious as your business.  Do you have to be perfect?  Of course not, but you can do better.

6 years ago after my wife and I had our second daughter, my weight was up to 235 pounds and my 38″ waist pants were getting tight.  I normally weigh just under 200 with a size 34 waist. What happened?  Like many of us, I got busy with work, kids, events, etc.  I put no focus on my health and the results soon followed.

I was tired, unmotivated, and uninspired.  I didn’t want to be like this.  I had to make a change.

I made a commitment to my health.  Thanks to better nutrition, scheduled workouts,  and a strong desire, I soon was at 195 pounds and feeling great.  The best part is that I was more energetic at work, slept better, and my confidence was back.

Committing to you health doesn’t just change your waistline, it changes your entire perspective.

You can make a change if you are committed.  If you are ready to make a change find your WHY.

My why was my kids.  I wanted them to see their dad as a role model.  I wanted them to see a dad who is just as strong and energetic at 40, 50, and 60, as he was at 30.

Without a why, you will quit. Small problems will come up and make you doubt yourself.  A strong WHY will cement your cause and push you through the difficult times.

What is your why?  Find it and make a commitment to your health.

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