Quit Typing Prospects and Start Liking Them

Have you ever judged someone prematurely and been dead wrong later?

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I sure know I have.

I generally get along with about anyone, but I’m human and have a disposition to judge people before I truly get to know them.

Maybe it’s their looks, their dress, their communication, or any number of things.

It really doesn’t matter the reason, but judging people creates preconceived notions that cannot only ruin a potential relationship, but in the sales world, could cost you serious dollars.

I have worked very hard of the past few years, to stop typing people and simply start liking them.

This doesn’t mean that I will like every person I meet. In fact, sometimes my inner human judgments turn out to be correct.

At the same time, I have met some amazing people I now call customers that I would have previously cast off as not my kind of prospect.

If you are currently typing people before you get to know them, you are making a big mistake.

I once heard a story of a man who looked slightly ragged and unshaved and went to see several financial representatives.   The first few turned him down and said they couldn’t help him even before ever getting to know him or looking at his portfolio.

Finally, a young financial representative sat down with the man only to find out he was a millionaire.   This millionaire had acquired great wealth, but lived a simple life and lived modestly.   Needless to say, the young financial representative obtained a substantial new client simply because he listened and didn’t judge.

Obviously, stories like this don’t happen all the time, but many salespeople miss opportunities because they let their ego get in the way of their heart.

Listen, I understand that not every person is right for your business.   In fact, I have written many times on the power of knowing your perfect customer and niche.

I have turned down many potential customers, because I would not be able to help them adequately.   You can’t be all things to all people.

What I want to stress is that you must keep an open mind before you make that determination.

Great salespeople don’t type people. Great salespeople simply like people.

Question: Have you every judged someone and realized you made a mistake? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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