Plan Tonight For a Profitable Tomorrow

Do you have a specific game plan when you start work each and every day?

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Let me be real for a minute. For most of my sales career, my daily plan was poor at best.  In fact, it was usually completely reactive.  

Unless I had a scheduled sales appointment in the morning, I would arrive at the office, turn on my computer, grab some coffee, and think, “Now what should I do?” Normally, that meant, opening up my email and replying and deleting. Maybe I would return a phone call or look through a policy, but there was absolutely no game plan.

Why? Because I did not plan today……..yesterday.

Productive people are intensely focused and proactive. They don’t wait for emails or phone calls to come in, they have a specific goal, task, or action, and they pursue it completely.

At the end of every day, you must have a specific game plan for tomorrow.

You need to ask yourself the following questions.

  1.  What are my 3 most important objectives tomorrow?
  2.  How long realistically will each task take?
  3.  What times do I need to block off in my calendar to get them done?

To maximize your time, you must be laser focused. You must have a specific plan of action.

If not, you will drift aimlessly through the day like a kite in the wind. You will blow whatever way the breeze takes you with no destination in mind.

This doesn’t mean that you don’t make time to reply to emails, voicemail, or other things that may come up during the day, but it cannot interfere with your important tasks. The important tasks are sacred.

You must schedule your important tasks on your calendar just like you would any other appointment. It may be a prospect meeting, creating marketing content, networking, or personal development.

Whatever you value as the most productive and profitable must be addressed, scheduled, and then executed. No excuses.

You must be intentional. You must be deliberate. You must have a game plan.

That plan doesn’t start when you jump in your car or get to your office in the morning.

Successful plans begin the day before.

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  • Duke Revard

    Brent, this is solid. I appreciate your sober, disciplined approach to the biz. Thanks for telling the truth without shortcuts and spin.

    • brentmkelly

      Thanks Duke. There are no shortcuts for anywhere worth going.

  • Aaron R

    Just read this article and couldn’t agree more. It’s amazing how much less stress you have waking up knowing that you have a plan in place.

    • brentmkelly

      Thanks Aaron. It definitely decreases anxiety when you have a plan of action.