What the Best Insurance Leaders do After Attending an Event

Last week I attended the first ever Elevate17 Conference in Milwaukee, WI hosted by Agency Nation and Trusted Choice. For any first time conference there is a level uncertainty from everyone. The hosts, the presenters, and of course the attendees are all a bit uncertain of what is to come. That is to be expected. […]

The Four Levels of Effective Insurance Influence

We need true insurance leadership now more than ever in the insurance industry. Why is leadership so vital? Our clients need us at our best. Our communities need us at our best. Our organizations need us at our best.  To be at our best, we must know how to lead ourselves so that we can lead […]

The Lid on Your Insurance Agency’s Effectiveness

Leadership is a process of social influence, which maximizes the efforts of others, towards the achievement of a goal. Kevin Kruse– CEO of LEADx One of my favorite and most challenging concepts I enjoy teaching insurance agency leaders is “The Law of the Lid.” “The Law of the Lid” comes directly from the number one […]

The Insurance Leader “Becoming a Person of Influence” MasterClass

  • Are you an insurance agency leader who is looking to maximize your individual and team results? 
  • Do you want to better connect with team and the clients you serve?
  • Do you desire to become a world-class leader?

Starting on June 7th, I will be leading a 4-week live MasterClass (recordings will be available) to help boost your communication, connection, and learn to become a person of influence

Studies have shown that your success is 87% dependent on people knowledge, yet very few insurance professionals commit the time and energy into becoming high-level communicators.

Learning how to communicate and build influence affects every aspect of your business and the bottom line is that professionals who know how to connect with others get substantially better results.

In this 4-week insurance “Becoming a Person of Influence” masterclass, you will learn the principles and practices of leadership and influence. The next session begins on June 7th. All classes start at 11am CT (Every call is recorded so you do not have to attend every session live).  You will receive call-in instructions after you register.

Week 1: June 7th–Modeling: Understand your influence inventory and gain important influence insights
Week 2: June 14th–Mentoring: Building your integrity; how to nurture relationships, have faith in people, listen with greater effectiveness, and how to truly understand people.
Week 3: June 21st–Motivating: Enlarging your team, navigating the course, and how to build high-level connections
Week 4: June 28th–Multiplying: How to empower and reproduce other leaders


What you get by attending this 4-week “Becoming a Person of Influence” MasterClass

  • Gain confidence and clarity in your message
  • Build stronger relationships with your team and retain more clients
  • Develop habits to increase your influence
  • Learn ways to find common ground with your prospects, clients, and team members
  • Become the leader in your community and industry
  • Earn a reputation that your audience respects and admires

The cost of this 4-week program is ONLY $97. That’s less than $25 a session. You can’t afford not to take advantage of this opportunity to grow yourself and your business…..and if you don’t like it, I am offering a FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

Sign up now!

The Most Important 30 Seconds in Every Conversation

“Hi my name is Brent. I help insurance leaders communicate with purpose, connect with confidence, and lead with greater influence so they achieve world-class results. I would love to see how I could help your organization. Here is my card, would you like to grab coffee or hop on a call sometime so you can […]

The Power of Your Personal Growth

Potential is such a powerful word. Potential inspires hope, optimism, and future success. When I think of maximizing my potential, I envision living each day with intention, purpose and passion. I think about my own daily growth and development. However, it wasn’t long ago when I was doing anything but maximizing my potential. It was […]

Attend a One-of-a-Kind Insurance Leadership Training

I have recently partnered with three other insurance thought leaders to create Agents of Growth.  Agents of Growth has one mission; To provide purposeful and intentional business growth for insurance professionals.

The Agents of Growth team is excited to announce a brand new training that will take place live on Thursday, 5/18/17 at 12pm CT/1pm ET. Learn more and register here. http://bit.ly/2oV3SHV

You do not want to miss this powerful insurance leadership training as we will be bringing in a world-class guest who was recently named one of the top 30 leadership coaches in the world.

Make sure you register ASAP as seating is limited. A recording will be available, but you must register to gain access to the recording. As a blog/email subscriber, I want to give you first priority to attend this one-of-a-kind training.

Here are just of few of the things you will learn:

  • How to become intentional to get the results you seek
  • Why you need to stop managing results and focus on building winning habits
  • The power of proximity
  • Why the only way you will be truly comfortable is getting uncomfortable

    I can’t wait to see you on the training. Register here:

    Register for this world-class insurance leadership training on 5/18

Three Reasons Why Many New Insurance Agents Fail

“Failure isn’t fatal, but failure to change might be” – John Wooden Despite what some people may think, the insurance industry is a highly noble profession. So why do insurance agents come and go? Why do so many new insurance agents fail and experienced agents plateau? The insurance industry offers amazing career opportunities for those […]

3 Reasons You’re Not Building Profitable Relationships in Your Insurance Business

“If you first help people get what they want, they will help you get what you want.” Zig Ziglar In my 15 years of working as an insurance producer for two successful agencies, I spoke to large number of insurance company marketing reps. Just like any profession, some marketing reps were really professional, knowledgeable, and […]

The Most Important Insurance Skill You Can Develop

We all want to improve the results we’re getting in our lives. For many people, better results mean more money. For others, it may mean more time, better relationships, or better health.   However, YOU define success, I have come to fully realize, and it’s taken me longer than I care to admit, is that if […]