What do you Really Really Want?

I had a mentor ask me a question recently that has caused me to do a lot of thinking. He said, “What do your want…..what do you really, really want?” It seems like a fairly innocent question, but the truth is that is amazing complex. It’s been said that we spend more time planning our […]

Connection Precedes Decision

How do you make important decisions? Think about the last sizable product your bought or the last big idea you bought into. What made you make that decision? I love this quote from my mentor, “Stop convincing and start connecting.” So many of us try to sell, whether it be a product or an idea, without […]

7 Questions You Should Be Asking Yourself

As a leader, I have learned that while experience is beneficial, only evaluated experience creates positive change. I am a natural risk taker and eternal optimist. In many ways, these tendencies serve me well. However, they can also cause me to forget to stop, reflect, and make necessary improvements. As I was reading the book, […]

How you Handle Criticism Matters

One thing I have observed in working with leaders and from first hand experience s that when you are out front, you will indeed get kicked in the rear. If you are leader (anyone with influence), others will always try to hold you back. There will always be critics. The question you need to ask yourself […]

4 Ways to Make the Ordinary….Extraordinary

Tony Dungy says, “Do the ordinary things better than anyone else and you will achieve excellence.” Are you or your business looking for the “magic pill?” You know, that one secret thing that once you find will propel and carry you to dynamic success. I don’t mean to be the bearer of bad news, but […]

The Only Way to Get the Answers You Seek

“Quality questions create a quality life. Successful people ask better questions and as a result, they get better answers.” Anthony Robbins As a leader it’s imperative to get the answers you are looking for. However, the only way to get the answers you seek is by asking the right questions. But what are the best […]

Are You Willing to Face These 3 Risks?

No risk, no nothing! If you have been in sales or a commission only position for longer than 10 minutes, you know all about risk. Risk is defined as “exposure to danger.” Danger surrounds sales professionals everyday. It could be in the form of a manager, vendor, prospect, client, product, or service. That list could go on and […]

Are You Making Deposits or Withdrawals?

In his best-selling book, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People,” Steven Covey discusses the importance of an individual’s emotional bank account. It’s a powerful metaphor used when understanding the trust that is either built or lost in any human relationship. The relationships in business with insurance prospects and clients are no different. Every interaction you […]

The Highest Calling of Leadership

How much time and energy do you put into self-leadership? I recently was interviewed on Agency Nation Radio by my longtime insurance friend Ryan Hanley. Ryan and his team at Agency Nation has invited me to speak this June at Elevate 2017. In this podcast episode, I discuss why self-leadership is the missing ingredient to success for many […]

10 Ways to Build Dynamic Relationships

Whether you are leading a team or leading your prospects and clients, developing strong relationships are the foundation for your success. In fact a Stanford University study showed that:  Success is 87% people knowledge and 13% product knowledge.   Click To Tweet President Teddy Roosevelt stated, “The most important single ingredient to the formula of […]