Mr. or Ms. Insurance Producer….Maybe You Should Quit

I had a discussion with an insurance producer a few years ago at an industry conference. We started talking about our business and the pros and cons of being an insurance producer. We had a friendly conversation that lasted for about 10 minutes.

There was only one problem; This person couldn’t list anything he liked about being an insurance producer, except that it helped pay some bills. That was it.

Actually, there was a second problem, he had been at his agency for five years. He had been an underperforming, unhappy, unsatisfied insurance producer for 5 LONG years.

Now listen, I don’t live in fantasy land where I think you must love everything about your job, but if you can’t name one other thing than money on why you work in your industry, you have a major problem.

I have personally worked at several jobs in my life that I didn’t like and only was there for the paycheck. I did things such as detasseling corn, washing dishes, and selling cutlery door to door, but the difference was I didn’t expect to be there forever.

So I am going to say something that may be controversial; There are a number of insurance producers who need to quit.

Let me ask an honest question. Have you ever seem someone flourish in a career they despised? I didn’t say simply survive, I said flourish. I would guess that is highly unlikely.

I believe that sales and specifically insurance sales is one of the of the most noble and amazing careers you can have. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s for everyone.

To be a successful insurance producer, you must embrace the good and the bad that comes with this career. You must have a heart to serve and add value to others. You must have a passion to learn, grow, and develop. You must believe that every day you are making a positive difference in the lives others.

Being an insurance producer can be very rewarding, but is also very challenging.

Here is the reality, if your only reasons to become an insurance producer are to make a bunch of money, play golf, and take vacations, you will be in for a rude awakening.

Please let me clear. I want you to profit, I want you play golf, I want you to take vacations. I want you to be a highly successful insurance producer.

However, if you don’t have passion for serving, learning, growing, and doing the hard work first, you need to quit. For the sake of your agency, for the sake of your company partners, and for the sake of your clients.

You don’t want to spend years as an underperforming, unhappy, unsatisfied insurance producer. There are only two choices: Quit or commit to being the best producer you can be.

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