The Insurance Agency Leader “Becoming a Person of Influence” MasterClass

“Leadership is influence, nothing more, nothing less.” John C. Maxwell

  • Would you like to create a agency culture of growth, enthusiasm, and positivity? 
  • Would you like to increase your impact on others?
  • Would you like to create a positive culture that attracts the best talent?
  • Would you like to reach and connect with more people?
  • Would you like your sales producers to break records?
  • Would you like to see your entire organization reach its full potential?

Then……You need to learn to become a person of influence

Studies have shown the 87% of your success is based on people knowledge. How much time are you devoting to becoming a better communicator, connector, and gaining influence.

Leadership is influence… lead others effectively and make a difference with your team members, prospects, clients, company partners, and community… must learn to become a person of influence.

Every insurance leader can improve their influence…..but it will NOT happen by accident.

In this 4-week “Becoming a Person of Influence” MasterClass, you will learn the principles and practices of increasing your influence and positively impacting others. The next session begins on July 5th. All classes start at 1 pm CT (Every call will be recorded so you do not have to attend every session live).  You will receive call-in instructions after you register.

  • Week 1: July 5th–Modeling: Understand your influence inventory and gain important influence insights
  • Week 2: July 12th-Motivating: Building your integrity; how to nurture relationships, have faith in people, listen with greater effectiveness, and how to truly understand people.
  • Week 3: July 19th–Mentoring: Enlarging your team, navigating the course, and how to build high-level connections
  • Week 4: July 26th–Multiplying: How to empower and reproduce other leaders


What you get by attending this 4-week “Becoming a Person of Influence” MasterClass

  • Gain confidence and clarity in your personal and agency message
  • Build stronger relationships with your agency team and retain more clients
  • Develop habits to increase your influence
  • Empower your team members 
  • Become the leader in your community and industry
  • Earn a reputation that your audience respects and admires
  • Grow your book of business
  • Multiply your agency results

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Each week, Brent Kelly will be delivering a live 45-minute training. You can attend from anywhere you have access to computer or phone and will receive training worksheets. You will also have private access to every recorded call. 

The ability to influence and raise your leadership ability is a major determining factor in reaching your full potential. It’s no secret! Everything rises and falls on leadership and leadership is one thing…..influence. You can start to increase your influence by taking this class!

“I’ve been a fan of Brent Kelly’s blog for ages now because the information is always so inspirational. However the real magic for me from Brent has been in getting his insights through mentoring and mastermind courses. Brent challenges you to dig deeper and be authentic as a professional. His fresh perspectives are a great sharpening tool for those of us that have been in insurance for so long we’ve grown soft edges. I’d recommend him to any professional ready to kick it up a notch.”
Tracy Cotton
Brent has a keen ability to think outside the box and provide value to his customers. If you are a new agent, have a new agent in your agency, or just need some fresh ideas on how to ignite a spark within your agency I would recommend utilizing Brent’s skillset. With almost two decades of first-hand experience in the insurance industry, Brent is sure to teach you something new, and help your agency flourish.
Jay McGee
It isn’t often where we see an experienced insurance agent deciding to devote his life to helping other agents receive the kind of training that he received in his first years in insurance. Brent Kelly has turned that practical education into a mission that gives him the opportunity to share his passion and knowledge with others. In addition to crystallizing the theories of insurance production and management, Brent has a unique ability to communicate…an attribute not often found in today’s fast-moving millennial-based society.
George Nordhaus

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