The Law of Process

“Champions don’t become champions in the ring, they are merely recognized there.” 

I finished up a 3-week virtchess-strategy-chess-board-leadership-40796ual teaching series today by discussing “The Law Process” and I want to share this recording with my entire audience.

You don’t develop in a day, you develop day by day.  In this teaching I share my very own personal story and share the five phases of leadership growth.

What is your plan for personal growth and develop?

If you don’t have one listen to this call and start the process today.

“Face Your Grizzly”

Listen to the full recording here


Insurance Agents, Are you Looking For Your Voice to Be Heard?

If you are an insurance agent, don’t miss one of the best new websites specifically designed for the insurance industry.  It contains podcasts with great interviews and a chance to let your voice be heard.

Jason Cass and Brian Appleton want to bring insurance professionals together from across the country.agents influence

Think of it as if everyone in the industry came to an arena, but their identities were completely hidden.  And then topics were brought up for the whole group to discuss and build solutions around.  That’s what Agents Influence does.  It allows everyone throughout the industry to talk about these topics ANONYMOUSLY.

If you are in the insurance world, this is the site you don’t want to miss.