Is Personal Branding Selfish?

Is it selfish to build your personal brand?  I sure don’t think so, but some may disagree.  

I often discuss why it’s important for salespeople to build their personal brand. Most great sales producers understand this concept and build a great personal brand.

At the same time, I have had business owners, sales managers, and individual salespeople object to personal branding.

They see building a personal brand as selfish, unnecessary, or not being a team player.

It initially seems like a fair objection, but doesn’t make much sense, when you analyze it. If I understand sales correctly, when someone makes a sale, everyone wins.  That includes both the individual sales producer, manager, and business owners.

As long as a personal brand is built upon value and integrity, I can’t fathom how this is selfish?


What does a personal brand do for you?

  • A personal brand gives you exposure
  • A personal brand provides credibility
  • A personal brand creates demand for your product or service
  • A personal brand gives your consumers confidence
  • A personal brand establishes you as an expert
  • A personal brand makes you a leader in your industry
  • A personal brand allows you to become a resource
  • A personal brand increases your professional stature
  • A personal brand builds your image
  • A personal brand provides you prospect without advertising or direct selling

Every sales manager in the world wants their producers to sell more. How can exposure, credibility, demand, confidence, expertise, leadership, professionalism, image, and more targeted prospects not help accomplish that?

Look, I understand that allowing individual salespeople to build their own brand can be a risk. They could say something stupid, or even grow their book of business and leave.

Here’s the reality for business owners and sales managers. you only have two options.

  1. Encourage your producer to build their personal brand. Help them and work together so you can both succeed.
  2. Restrict all use of personal branding. Follow the company line and commit to the idea that the company makes sales and the producers are just a pawn.

In either scenario, the producer could leave or cause problems. However, there is a much better chance that they will desire to stay around and become a team player in the 1st scenario. A great producer will also likely promote the company brand right along with their personal brand.

A personal brand and a company brand should not be mutually exclusive. They should work in congruence.

I have said it repeatedly and will say again that, “People buy from people.”

Question: What are you doing to build your personal brand? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

Brent Kelly is the CEO of BizzGrizz Marketing.  He helps insurance agents stand up, stand tall, and stand out.

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