Is it Time to Ditch the TV? Here are 10 Better Options vs. Watching TV

In the past year, my hours of watching television have dramatically dropped. So much in fact, that I am almost ready to give it up completely. Here’s why.

When I think of words like personal development, personal growth, success, achievement, and success, I don’t think of TV.

Like most Americans, I have spent far too much of life watching TV. I have watched silly sitcoms, delicious dramas, awesome action, and scintillating sports. Most of it has been a complete waste of time.

According to the New York Times, the average American watches 34 hours of TV per week. 34 HOURS! That is almost an entire full-time work week.

Don’t get me wrong, there is some really good things on TV. I don’t think that TV is evil and believe that you can actually learn some useful things. I also realize that it can be a nice way to wind down from a long day.

Let’s get real though. For the vast majority of us, we waste entirely too much time watching other people achieve their dreams while we are not accomplishing ours.

Let me say it again. Most times when we watch TV, we are watching others (i.e. actors, singers, and sports figures) working on their dreams while we are wasting time not accomplishing ours.

Why is their time more valuable than ours?

Not only do we often waste time watching TV, but then we spend time the next day talking with others about what we saw. We want to discuss who got the rose, sang the best, or how the show ended. Consider me guilty!

Again, I don’t think these things are awful, but I really do believe that in most cases, it’s just a complete waste of time. There is just too much important stuff to do. In fact, I have noticed that now when I watch TV, I think of many other things I could be doing that would be much more productive.

10 Things More Productive Than Watching TV

  1. Sleeping. Face it, will all need more sleep. How many times have you found yourself just staring at the TV when you could be dosing.
  2. Exercising. This is often a double whammy. Not only are you sitting on your butt while watching TV, but we are often eating junk food at the same time. That being said, I have been known to do P90X Ab Ripper or stretching during commercials. Although I found just lying on the floor is easierJ
  3. Reading. Reading a good book fuels the mind with ideas, thoughts, and creativity. Readers are leaders
  4. Talking to your spouse or significant other. Want to build relationships? Turn off the tube and talk. It works wonders.
  5. Planning or goal setting. Those that plan and set goals are more productive.
  6. Playing a board game. Fun, interactive, and you actually get to interact with others. I love board games and look forward to family game night.
  7. Writing. Writing helps clarify thoughts and actions. It also unleashes creativity. Write in a journal, start a blog, write a letter to a friend or family member.
  8. Calling a friend or family member. How many times have you said, “I should call (mom, sister, brother, friend).” Turn off the TV and make the call.
  9. Do anything outside. Go for a walk, bike ride, fly a kite, mow the yard, and go to the park. Enjoy the fresh air.
  10. Pray. Meditate. Stop and do nothing. If you are not spiritual, just take time to be thankful and practice gratitude.

The bottom Line on TV.

TV is not evil and it won’t kill you if you watch it too much. However, even if you don’t eliminate TV from your daily activity, I think you will be much better served to at least reduce the time watching it.

Here is my challenge. This week chart the number of hours you spend watching TV.

You may be surprised. I know when I started adding up the hours I was amazed. Then try to add in one or two activities about each week instead of watching the TV. Over time, you may realize how much time you have been wasting.

Question: How much time per week do you watch TV? Do you think that is too much? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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