Heart of a Teacher

"Heart of a Teacher"

One of my favorite authors and radio personalities is Dave Ramsey.  Dave is known as a personal finance guru and has helped millions of individuals and families get out of debt and build wealth.

Dave speaks on many personal financial topics ranging from real estate to insurance and all things in between.  One thing he stresses to his audience is when you are purchasing a financial product to make sure the person you are buying from has a heart of a teacher and not that of a salesperson.

That has always struck a chord with me.  Throughout my career as an insurance agent, I have always been taught to be professional, hard working, knowledgeable, courteous, etc., but never heard the expression of having the heart of a teacher.

I have always enjoyed helping others find the right insurance product for them or their business, but I have really tried to focus on having the heart of a teacher in every conversation with prospects and clients.

Insurance, like many financial products can be confusing.  Most people just trust and hope that their current professional is looking out for their best interest.  Fortunately, that is the case in most circumstances, but as an individual or business owner shouldn’t you understand what you are buying?

When buying insurance or any other complicated product stop to ask yourself this question.  Do I know what I am actually purchasing?  Could I explain it to somebody else?  Obviously, you may not know all the specific details as this is why we have financial professionals, but you should be able to at least understand the concepts and the product or service’s value.

Most people develop what I call, “the nod and stare technique” when dealing with financial professionals, especially insurance agents.  They nod in agreement and stare at the piece of paper in front of them.  I often wonder if the words that I am saying sound like the teacher in Charlie Brown (you know, waa waa waa waa waa waa waa).


My desire is that not only will I be able to provide outstanding insurance products and services to my clients, but educate them as well.

Do you feel that you are educated on the financial products you have purchased in the past?  Do your financial professionals have the heart of a teacher?  Let me know.  I am curious for your feedback.

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