Doing or Being?

One of the greatest lessons I continue to learn in life is that, “Who you are is who you attract.”

Think about the people who you have influence with in your life and in your business. Why do you have influence with them?

Yes, sometimes it may be due to blood lines or business positions, but most often they have been positively influenced by you because of who you are.

In the Law of Magnetism, from John Maxwell’s “The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership” he states, “Who you attract is not determined by what you want. It’s determined by who you are.”

I’m a natural doer. If there is a problem in my business I want to work on it. At home, if my wife or children are dealing with a difficult issue, I want to fix it.

What I continue to learn in my growth journey is that sometimes the real solutions are not in the actions, but in your state of mind.

For example, I have had failed training programs that I thought were a result of my poor actions, but at the heart of the failure was my lack of confidence. I have provided what I thought were solutions for my wife, only to realize that she wasn’t looking for a solution, but rather a listener.

When I started working with my business coach I was asked to journal every day and answer a list of questions. Although one of those questions was based on my day’s intentions, the very first question I had to answer was, “What do you intend to BE today?”

Now when I began to answer this question, I thought it weird and best and ridiculous at worst. Who cares what I am going to BE today? I need to know what to do?

However, as weeks and not months have gone by, I fully appreciate and understand the purpose of setting my intentions each day on what I want to BE.

Leading a training workshop is DOING. Being passionate and confident in my content is my BEING. Conducting a coaching call is DOING. Being fully present and curious is BEING.

My challenge for you is to not just focus on what tasks, duties, or activities you need to complete every day, but to set you daily intentions on your attitude and mindset in doing those functions.

If you don’t like the people you are attracting to your business and your life, it’s likely based less on your actions and more on your character.

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