Do You Have the “It” Factor? 4 Ways to Build Charisma

Leadership is the ability to influence and one of the qualities of an influential leader is charisma. Charisma may seem like a God-given natural ability, but any person can display the traits and build charisma to positively attract others.

I have met many charismatic people in my life. Those people who simply draw you in, make you feel comfortable, and capture your full attention. My mom used to always say, “That person just has the ‘it’ factor.”

So what makes someone have charisma? What gives them that “it” factor. I think there are many traits that are part of a charismatic person, but four stand out.

The four C’s of someone with charisma

  1. Confidence–They have poise and optimism
  2. Conviction–They know where they are going and what they say is important. It comes from their heart, not just their head
  3. Connection–They focus not on themselves, but solely on their audience
  4. Compassion–They exude warmth and love, and give practical answers to someone’s needs

So what if you don’t feel like you now have these traits or are not naturally charismatic? Are you doomed? Of course not. I believe anyone can build their charisma to help positively influence others.

How can you build charisma?

1. Love life–Celebrate, don’t complain. Enjoy the journey

Charismatic people don’t just live their lives, they embrace it. Life is not always easy, but every day is precious. My small hometown just lost a young man way too early. This happens everyday in cities across the world. Celebrate each day and be grateful.

2. Put a “10” on everyone’s forehead. Expect the best from people and treat them well

“To add value to people, you must first value people.” John Maxwell. How do you perceive others around you? Do you value some people more than others? I know I have done this before and it shows in your words, actions, and attitude toward them. Value everyone and expect the best from them. When you do this, they will also see the best in you.

3. Give people hope–Everyone looks for hope; leaders deal it out

It’s been said that we can survive 40 days without food, 4 days without water, 8 minutes without oxygen, but only 1 second without hope. Are you a dealer in hope? Do you give people a reason to believe?

4. Share yourself–Be vulnerable and real. Share your heart, wisdom, and resources.

Charismatic people are willing to share of themselves. To connect with others, others must also connect with you. Look for ways to share your experiences as a way to build likability and trust.

To be a leader, you must have influence. Charisma is a powerful trait that will increase your influence and help you add value to others. Look at these four ways to build charisma and find ways to add them into your life each and every day.


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