Create Your Own Path With Your Business Marketing

Visionaries use their creativity to look forward and push boundaries.  Visionaries are leaders.

You are probably familiar with the new Microsoft commercials.

The commercials are trendy and they have substance behind them, but they are mainly focused on their competition, Apple.

I don’t really care if you like Apple or Microsoft. They both make great products. In fact, I think the Surface 3 is really cool.  The reality though, whether fair or not, is that Apple has positioned themselves as visionaries.

Marketing and sales are copycat industries. Marketing and sales professionals often look at their competition as a measuring stick.

Common questions when comparing yourself to your competition include:

What is the competition doing?
How are they doing it?
Can we do that too?
How can we do it better?

Here’s the problem.

Are you a visionary or a copycat?

  • How much time to you spend each day coming up with new ideas that can help your customers?
  • How do you position yourself to your customer? Do they compare you to the competition or are you the point of comparison?
  • Are you looking forward? How can you help you customers tomorrow, next week, or next year?

Quit comparing yourself to your competitors. You are better than that.

Understand your value proposition and be the leader in your industry.

Why most people aren’t visionaries.

Being a visionary requires passion about what you do for your customer.
Being a visionary requires belief in yourself and your product or service.
Being a visionary requires creativity and long-term planning.

Most salespeople don’t have these qualities.

It’s easier to get through each day doing what you have always been doing. It’s easier to see what your competition is doing and trying to make your product or service just a little better.

Blaze your own trail!

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