Cow or Buffalo?

Each new day is filled with hope, optimism, uncertainty……….and fear.

I remember several years ago, I had to make a difficult call to a client and I knew he wouldn’t be happy about what I needed to tell him. I was not looking forward to this call.

I planned on making the call first thing in the morning, but because I was scared, I put it off until lunch.

After lunch I found a few other things I had to do besides make that call. By the end of the day I finally picked up the phone and made the call.

Guess what, during the call, my client wasn’t happy, but they heard me out and by the end of the call they understood the situation. When I hung up the phone, I felt like a 30 lb. weight was taking off my chest.

I realized I could have made this call right away and avoided the ongoing stress and fear that encapsulated my entire day. My avoidance of fear actually caused me more pain.

I can almost guarantee that there is something you are facing today or this week that is scaring you. Something that you have to face, but you don’t want to.

I was reading a while back on the difference between cows and buffalo when they encounter storms from speaker and author Rory Vaden.

Rory grew up in Colorado and that is one of the few places where cows and buffalo are in close proximity. What he noticed was how cows and buffalo differed in their reaction to storms coming from the West.

When a storm would approach, the cows would be begin to run away from the storm toward the East. As you know, cows aren’t very fast so the storm would catch them and then instead of avoiding the storm, they would continue to run alongside it. So they would inevitably spend more time in the middle of the storm!

However, the buffalo had a completely different approach. As the storm would appear over the mountains, they would actually charge into the storm, reducing the amount of time the had spent inside the storm.

I agree with Rory and think this is such a great metaphor for life and business.

Have you ever found yourself running from something that you knew would eventually catch up to you anyway? I know I sure have.

Have you ever faced something challenging right away and then thought to yourself, “That wasn’t as bad as I thought.” Me too!

Here’s the point. Whatever you are facing today, this week, or this month that is causing uncertainty or doubt……just face it.

The question I want to ask is how will you face your fear; like a cow (running away from your fear), or a buffalo (charging head first into your fear)?

You have the choice to run along side your fear and have it be your companion, or smash through fear and leave it behind you.

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