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Looking for a someone to help put a spark back in your insurance business? 

I conduct keynote, half-day, and full-day marketing and sales workshops tailored for insurance agents and agencies.  

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Insurance Workshop Topics

BizzGrizz has created specific business workshops perfect for insurance agencies and teams of all sizes

Workshops are led by the CEO of BizzGrizz, Brent Kelly.  Brent has conducted numerous workshops since 2012 on sales, marketing, productivity, and much more.  He is a certified advisor for the “King of Sales,” Jeffrey Gitomer.  Brent spent 15 years in the commercial insurance sales industry where he was named one of the top 12 agents in the country in 2012.  He now helps insurance agencies find ways to attract, sell, and wow their customers using innovative marketing and sales ideas.

Here are some of my most popular workshops

Leveraging Your Personal Brand Utilizing Digital Marketing

Developing a personal brand for any business professional is no longer optional.  It’s no longer about you “Googling” your prospects, customers, vendors, and other business partners; It’s about them “Googling” you.  If someone searched your name online, what would they find?

This workshop will dive into the importance of developing a positive personal brand using today’s technology tools.  You will learn how to become known as a resource, trusted advisor, and how to build an impeccable reputation.  Whether your current personal brand is solid or non-existent, this workshop will provide new ideas and help you overcome some of the misconceptions of building an online presence.

Why Understanding How to Sell to Millennials is Vital for Your Business and 10 Ways to Get Their Attention

There are 80 million millennials in America. They’re the most important rising demographic and market in the United States–and yet, it seems that not a single one of them wants to hear you talk about your business. So how do you market and sell to millennials?Brent speaking IIA of IL

Brent Kelly, CEO of BizzGrizz will discuss the importance of understanding the buying habits of this huge market.  If you want to grow your business now and in the future, capturing Millennial customers is imperative.  

Why All Business Professionals Should be Writing

Often times, business owners and sales professionals under value the importance of the written word in communication and message and in clarifying thoughts.  It’s often a job left up to copywriters and marketers.

However, those professionals who demonstrate proficiency in writing have a clear advantage over their competition.  Whether it’s creating valuable content, presenting ideas, or capturing attention, top business and sales professionals utilize the power of the written word.

Brent will explain not only why every business professional should improve their writing skills, but how to utilize this skill to enhance relationships and demonstrate excellence to their prospects and customers.

7 Ideas to Leverage Twitter for Your Business

Twitter is a fast and powerful connection tool.  Many business owners and sales professionals feel that Twitter is complicated and not worth their time.  Like any tool in social media, it must be understood before it can be utilized effectively.

Brent will give 7 ways that any business owner or sales professional can leverage Twitter for their business to make more connections, provide a listening station, and offer value.

9 Ways to Turn Satisfied Customers Into Loyal Customers

Many businesses brag that they have a 95% satisfaction rate.  Customer satisfaction is worthless, customer loyalty is priceless. Why? A satisfied customer believes that your business is average and may or may not buy from you again.  A loyal customer is a lifelong customer that tells everyone about how wonderful you are.speaking pic, chamber execs

Brent will discuss nine ways that your business can turn satisfied customers into loyal customers.  He will present ideas on how to become proactive, establish benchmarks, and create a WOW! experience.  Don’t be satisfied with satisfied customers.

Take Charge of Your Day: Boost Your Productivity

We all all have the same amount of time each day.  So why does it seem that some people get more done than others?  It’s because productive people take charge of their day, every day, by creating a plan of action.

Brent will discuss several ideas on how you can become more productive starting tomorrow by having a game plan, prioritizing, playing to your strengths, and implementing extreme focus.

The Power of Asking Great Questions

Great questions lead to in-depth answers.  So why is that most of us are too busy talking about us instead of asking great questions to the people we are trying to serve.

Brent will discuss the art of asking great questions, why questions are so powerful, and examples of questions you can start to implement with your prospects and customers immediately.

10 Ways to Build Dynamic Relationships 

Dynamic relationships with prospects and customers are at the heart of every successful business.  Unfortunately, many businesses focus on transactional relationships instead of building personal relationships.Subway presentation group photo

Make a sale, make a commission; Build a relationship, make a fortune.  That is the mantra for this workshop that addresses 10 ways every business professional can build upon and create new powerful relationships.

Start Creating Positive Habits Today

Positive habits are the heartbeat of successful people.  What others often describe as luck is typically the result of great habits built over many days, weeks, and years.

One small positive habit can turn into a large positive long-term result when practiced consistently.  This workshop will address the small things successful people do each day to create momentum and achieve their dreams.  Learn how to start creating your positive habits today.

The Power of a YES! Attitude

A YES! attitude is much more than a positive attitude.  A YES! attitude is affirmation that you are in control to your response to any circumstance.  Based on Jeffrey Gitomer’s “Little Gold Book of YES! Attitude,” this workshop will explain why everything begins and ends with your attitude.

Your Network Equals Your Net Worth: How to Build Both 

You have probably heard the phrase, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.”  While maybe that isn’t always fair, it’s true.  Building a large network of friends, fans, and contacts is the key to increasing relational and financial wealth.

This workshop will discuss the importance of networking (both offline and online), connection ideas, and why you must be a giver and not a taker to build your network.

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