Connection Precedes Decision

How do you make important decisions?

Think about the last sizable product your bought or the last big idea you bought into. What made you make that decision?

I love this quote from my mentor, “Stop convincing and start connecting.” So many of us try to sell, whether it be a product or an idea, without first making a connection.

When I work with teams or people trying to lead their organization or lead their prospects and clients, I can’t stress this concept enough. So often we are eager to ask for a commitment before we have established likability or trust.

Yesterday, I spoke with a group of insurance leaders about making stronger connections and building better relationships. We discussed 8 simple, yet powerful ways to build rapport and find common ground.  They included:

  • Being available
  • Listening with emotion
  • Asking powerful questions
  • Showing gratefulness
  • Providing transparency
  • Creating likability
  • Demonstrating humility
  • Being adaptable

As I told the group at this workshop, none of these ideas are new, they just usually aren’t done very well. That’s why so many organizations struggle to make connections.

Over the coming days and weeks, I will explore each one of these 8 ways to build common ground so that you build more connecting and become more influential in your leadership.

Start thinking of ways you can begin to make connections today so that you will receive more favorable decisions tomorrow.

Every small action you make to seek common ground with others is like a section of a bridge you are building.  Start building bridges today.

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