Want Better Answers and More Sales? Start Asking Better Questions

Asking great questions will make or break you in the world of sales. “Questions are to sales as breath is to life. If you fail to ask them, you will die. If you ask them incorrectly, your death won’t be imminent, but it’s inevitable. If you ask them correctly, the answer will be……a sale.” Jeffrey […]

In Networking, Focus on One-to-One, Not One-to-Many

Don’t miss your chance to make powerful one-on-one connections.   I love speaking to large groups. It’s a blast and I am ecstatic when people receive value they can use from my topics. It’s also a great way to be introduced to many new people at one time. The same is true when I conduct online […]

Why are you really blogging?

When you write a blog post to your prospects and customers, what is your purpose? If the words deliver value, help others, and be a resource are not one of your answers, your audience can see right through you. Your prospects and customers are way smarter than you often give them credit for. They can […]

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Are You a Creator or a Consumer?

Blog posts, social media updates, videos, email newsletters, etc. The list could go on and on. There is one common theme I have noticed about all of these communication channels. You are generally either a content creator or a content consumer. Let me ask you ask you a question. Which one are you? Do you […]

Don’t Be a Duck. Stop Dabbling

“Do or do not. There is no try.” Yoda I always find it fascinating when sales professionals say they are dabbling in something. What does that mean? While I feel dabbling may be acceptable for hobbies, dabbling in our profession is not. This is especially true in activities based in a sales career. Sales professionals […]

The Nobility of the Insurance Profession

If you are in the insurance industry, do you believe in the nobility of what you do for a living? You should. I recently read Rabbi Daniel Lapin’s book, “Thou Shall Prosper.” The first chapter deals with believing in the dignity and morality of business. It made me start thinking about the insurance industry and […]

Does Cyber Risk Liability Scare You? It Should

Cyber risk liability insurance should part of any business insurance review. I am not a gloom and doom type of person and even though I work in the insurance world, my job is not to scare my prospects and clients. However, it is my duty and responsibility to properly educate, advise, and look out for […]

Should I Contact My Insurance Agent Before I Turn in a Claim?

When it comes down to it, the insurance business is really all about restoring a policy holder financially after a loss. To do this, an insured must turn in a claim to the insurance company to receive compensation. Although there are various methods today (phone, email, online, fax, social media, mobile app, text) to notify […]

Why Insurance Terms Are So Darn Frustrating

The insurance world has a large list of terms, definitions and acronyms.  Many are useful, but for agents and customers, some are just plain confusing. In the property/casualty insurance world, some terms can just be plain baffling. I recently overheard an agent in my office talking with a client. The conversation went something like this. […]

Differentiate to Win! 5 Ways to Stand Out From Your Competitors

Have you ever noticed that most kids just want fit in with the crowd.  The want to be just like Johnny.  They want to look like Johnny, act like Johnny, and have the same friends as Johnny.   Maybe you have said or heard someone say, “Just because someone else is doing it, doesn’t make […]