Are Business Cards Still Relevant Today? Is There a Better Way?

Networking and business cards.  They go together like peanut butter and jelly. If I have learned anything from my 14 years of business networking, it’s that you can collect a ridiculous amount of business cards in an hour. I have a drawer full of hundreds of business cards from people whom I have connected with in […]

4 Ways Insurance Agents Can Leverage Business Social Media Today

Insurance agents and business social media don’t always play nice together.  Most agents are simply tired of hearing about how and why they need to embrace and use business social media.  That doesn’t mean that it’s not important.   The concept of using social media for business has been overplayed like a worn out record. To […]

My #1 Sales Tip For Building Rapport

Every sales person understands the importance of building great rapport. Without the ability to build rapport with prospects and clients, your sales career probably won’t last long. In my 17 years of sales experience, I have attended sales training programs that discuss the importance of rapport building.  These training programs taught various strategies and techniques. […]

Why Insurance Company Relationships Are So Important to Independent Agents

I am proud to be an independent insurance agent. The independent insurance agent system provides insurance consumers knowledge, local expertise, and choices. Independent agents work extremely hard for their clients to provide these services. Although independent agents #1 priority is to their clients; Agents often overlook the significance of the partner insurance carriers. These insurance […]

3 Common Business Networking Mistakes

Business networking can be a fun way to meet new people and prospects, but mistakes could be the difference between a long-term profitable relationship and a 30 second conversation. As a sales professional for 12 years, I have attended a large number of networking events.  These include countless events at the local chamber of commerce, business networking groups, […]

4 Lessons I Learned From My First “Real” Speaking Engagement

I don’t like to write posts about me, but I wanted to share 4 main lessons I learned from my first “real” speaking engagement.   I recently had the privilege of speaking at a Main Street Chamber Event in Bloomington, IL.  Although I have been able to speak in small group settings, service clubs, and at Toastmaster’s meetings, […]

Learn Directly From Your Competitors to Grow and Succeed.

I recently attended a Professional Sales Forum hosted by our local chamber of commerce and moderated by Kevin Woods of Woods Consulting.  The topic was how to become a trusted advisor to your clients.  This was a great topic and something that all insurance professionals strive to attain.  There were four tables with about 7-8 people […]

The Duct Tape Marketing System

I recently finished a 6 month adventure through the Duct Tape Marketing System.  This is a concept that was developed by marketing guru John Jantsch.  The idea behind the Duct Tape Marketing system is to implement proven marketing system to help businesses stop wasting money on the wrong marketing.  I was part of a group […]

The Hidden Benefit from Blogging

It’s been almost a year since I started this blog.    There have been some well received posts and others not so much.  I am not worried about writing perfect posts, but I do want to improve relationships through this blog.  My initial goal of starting this blog was to be a resource to my clients, prospects, […]

Get Plugged In To Your Local Chamber of Commerce

I attended my local chamber of commerce’s annual golf outing yesterday.  It was a great day filled with fun and networking.  Our chamber does a terrific job with this event and I appreciate their efforts. Most golf outings have a lunch prior to golfing and either a dinner or social event after golfing.  Our chamber goes […]