What do you Really Really Want?

I had a mentor ask me a question recently that has caused me to do a lot of thinking. He said, “What do your want…..what do you really, really want?” It seems like a fairly innocent question, but the truth is that is amazing complex. It’s been said that we spend more time planning our […]

Mr. or Ms. Insurance Producer….Maybe You Should Quit

I had a discussion with an insurance producer a few years ago at an industry conference. We started talking about our business and the pros and cons of being an insurance producer. We had a friendly conversation that lasted for about 10 minutes. There was only one problem; This person couldn’t list anything he liked […]

The Two Saddest Words

You have natural God-given strengths that allow you to offer greater value to those around. Strengths that make you unique and provide you an advantage in that strength over others. Those with natural talent can achieve a basic level of success, but only those that pour everything into maximizing this talent will become top performers. […]

Plan Tonight For a Profitable Tomorrow

Do you have a specific game plan when you start work each and every day? Let me be real for a minute. For most of my sales career, my daily plan was poor at best.  In fact, it was usually completely reactive.   Unless I had a scheduled sales appointment in the morning, I would […]

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The One Secret Only YOU Possess

You possess a secret weapon that no competitor can dare compete with. However, there is a great likelihood that you are not even using it. It’s YOU! You may not have the marketing budget, resources, team, experience, or even the reputation of your toughest competitors. So what? Who cares about them. Stop worrying about your […]

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Be Thankful for the Struggle

Thanksgiving. A time to pause and give thanks to all that we have been given. Like many of you, I am thankful for countless things. My faith, family, career, health, friends, and the list could go on and on. We generally give thanks for the blessing in life, but what about the struggles? I rarely […]

The Power of Focus. 3 Strategies To Take Charge of Your Day

Do you have the shiny object syndrome? The syndrome where while you are working on something important, your computer beeps, your phone rings, or you see a bird outside and suddenly lose all concentration? I am the poster child of shiny object syndrome. One of my largest struggles in the quest to be more productive […]