Are You Replaceable?

Have you ever heard the phrase, “All you insurance people are the same?”  How do you respond? What is your value in the marketplace? In other words, why should someone pay your for your services? Why should they choose you over all the rest? One of my business mentors, Paul Martinelli states there are three […]

Who are you really attracting to your business?

Every insurance agency wants to attract more ideal customers, but most are not willing to also repel those potential customers that are not a good fit. One of the most common questions insurance agents ask is “How can I attract more prospective customers to grow my book of business?” Part of my answer usually surprises […]

The 4 Components of Finding a Niche for Your Insurance Agency

The idea of creating a niche to grow your book of business for insurance agents is certainly not a new idea. However, I often hear from insurance agents wanting to find their niche market, but unsure of where to start. This is a common question as there is no perfect science to establishing yourself as an […]

Why Your Business Should Understand Apple’s Marketing Philosophy

The success of Apple is undeniable.  If you read any type of business book on marketing or branding, it’s likely you will find an example about Apple. I just finished the book, “Steve Jobs,” and although there are fabulous teaching lessons for any business, good and bad, I found the marketing philosophy of Apple and […]

Start Saying “No” to Find the Best Prospects Saying “Yes”

Saying “no” to a prospect may seem to be against everything your sales brain is telling you…….but it can also make you much more productive and profitable. As salespeople, we all have clients we love working with and typically provide a good source of revenue, and we all have clients that we don’t enjoy working […]

“Finding Your Voice Online with Chase Reeves | Content Warfare Podcast”
by Ryan Hanley

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If you are looking to find your online voice, this is the podcast you need to check out.Content-Warfare-Podcast-300 (1)

Ryan Hanley’s “Content Warfare Podcast” has great episodes every week.  This week he brought on Chase Reeves, from Think Traffic and Fizzle.

Finding your voice is not about complicated strategies.  It’s about being human.

Listen, learn, and find your voice.


Why I Am So Passionate About Cyber Liability and Data Breach

In 2013, I will be focusing a large portion of  marketing, research, networking, etc. on cyber liability and data breach issues. There are many reasons why this topic is so important so let me explain. 1) Cyber liability and data breach will not just be trendy catch phrases in the coming years, but there will […]

The Benefits of Digital Marketing Go Way Beyond Simply Monetary Gain

This article was recently published in the Insurance Insight September Issue in association with the Independent Insurance Agents of Illinois.   I wanted to share it with my blog readers as well.  Please note this article was addressed to other independent insurance agents.   When discussing digital marketing (social media, blogging, email newsletters, etc.) with […]