Every Independent Insurance Agency Must Ask This One Question

A message to all independent insurance agencies trying to compete in today’s market. You can’t be the cheapest. Someone will always be cheaper. You can’t be the fastest. Someone will be faster. You can’t have the largest marketing budget. Not even close. There is only one option left for every independent insurance agency. Find something […]

Why Your Business Should Understand Apple’s Marketing Philosophy

The success of Apple is undeniable.  If you read any type of business book on marketing or branding, it’s likely you will find an example about Apple. I just finished the book, “Steve Jobs,” and although there are fabulous teaching lessons for any business, good and bad, I found the marketing philosophy of Apple and […]

The One Secret Only YOU Possess

You possess a secret weapon that no competitor can dare compete with. However, there is a great likelihood that you are not even using it. It’s YOU! You may not have the marketing budget, resources, team, experience, or even the reputation of your toughest competitors. So what? Who cares about them. Stop worrying about your […]

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What America’s History Can Teach Your Business About Innovation

The history of America shows why your business must adapt, evolve, and innovate. Those businesses and business leaders willing to adapt, evolve, and use innovation are the ones who will succeed. I have been watching a documentary on the history of America. The show is well done and takes the viewers through entire history of […]

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“Andy the Man”: The Power of Acknowledgement

Acknowledgment is one of the most under utilized skills…….and the most needed. I wrote a post a while back titled, “5 Lessons I Learned From a McDonald’s Employee.”  It has been one of my most popular posts. I think the reason why it has been so popular is that it was a real story of […]

“Are Your Remarkable?”
by Brent Kelly

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Weekly Audio Sales Tip of the Week

How are you remarkable?

Is your product a “wow” or just an “ok?”

This short podcast addresses this question after I experienced it first hand on a product I usually don’t like.

It got me thinking about most salespeople and how they position themselves.  Most salespeople look to position their product or service as cheaper, slightly better than the competition, or throw more marketing at it.

What if instead, your product or service made the customer say, “WOW!”

Be remarkable.

be remarkable

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Why You Need to Stop Focusing on the Competition

Are you spending too much time worrying about your competition? Salespeople love competition. Great salespeople hunger for it. I personally have always loved competition. Whether it be playing pick-up basketball, competitive football, or Monopoly, I love to win. I am sure you love to win too. If you don’t, you may want to reconsider this […]

Quit Doubting Yourself. You Are an Expert.

We are all experts……..at something. There is something you know better than a huge majority of people you come in contact with everyday.  Something you can share.  Something you can provide.  Some way you can help them. However, most people resist. You have expertise, but you let fear and doubt slow you down.  You are […]

Tell stories

That is the theme of this speech, but it’s so much more.

Gary Vaynerchuck is brash, bold, and uses curse words.  He is also one of the smartest marketers on the planet.  He doesn’t think about what everyone is doing today.  He understands what consumers want for tomorrow.gary v speech

I highly recommend that you spend 18 minutes watching this video to understand today and tomorrow’s marketing.

You need to think like the consumer.  Gary understands this and so should you.

Happy selling!

Brent Kelly “The Insurance Coach”

“Finding Your Voice Online with Chase Reeves | Content Warfare Podcast”
by Ryan Hanley

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If you are looking to find your online voice, this is the podcast you need to check out.Content-Warfare-Podcast-300 (1)

Ryan Hanley’s “Content Warfare Podcast” has great episodes every week.  This week he brought on Chase Reeves, from Think Traffic and Fizzle.

Finding your voice is not about complicated strategies.  It’s about being human.

Listen, learn, and find your voice.