3 Questions to Connect to Your Insurance Prospect’s Heart

Have you ever felt like you have delivered a powerful and effective sales presentation only to realize that it did not connect with the prospect? This has happened to me on several occasions. I came into a prospect meeting energetic, ready, and full of answers. Unfortunately, I later realized that my answers did not address […]

4 Ways to Make the Ordinary….Extraordinary

Tony Dungy says, “Do the ordinary things better than anyone else and you will achieve excellence.” Are you or your business looking for the “magic pill?” You know, that one secret thing that once you find will propel and carry you to dynamic success. I don’t mean to be the bearer of bad news, but […]

Increase Your Influence With a Laugh

At the end of humor is the height of listening.  the other person always wants to hear what’s next.”  Jeffrey Gitomer. How many times have you actually listened to the flight instructions before takeoff from the flight attendant? Unless you are petrified of flying and feel that these instruction may indeed save your life, the […]

Who are you really attracting to your business?

Every insurance agency wants to attract more ideal customers, but most are not willing to also repel those potential customers that are not a good fit. One of the most common questions insurance agents ask is “How can I attract more prospective customers to grow my book of business?” Part of my answer usually surprises […]

Is Personal Branding Selfish?

Is it selfish to build your personal brand?  I sure don’t think so, but some may disagree.   I often discuss why it’s important for salespeople to build their personal brand. Most great sales producers understand this concept and build a great personal brand. At the same time, I have had business owners, sales managers, […]

The 4 Components of Finding a Niche for Your Insurance Agency

The idea of creating a niche to grow your book of business for insurance agents is certainly not a new idea. However, I often hear from insurance agents wanting to find their niche market, but unsure of where to start. This is a common question as there is no perfect science to establishing yourself as an […]

Create Your Own Path With Your Business Marketing

Visionaries use their creativity to look forward and push boundaries.  Visionaries are leaders. You are probably familiar with the new Microsoft commercials. The commercials are trendy and they have substance behind them, but they are mainly focused on their competition, Apple. I don’t really care if you like Apple or Microsoft. They both make great […]

Why You Must Build Your Reputation Before a Prospect Appointment, Not After

In sales, there is no more important asset than your reputation.   Imagine you enter a meeting with your prospect prepared, focused, and ready to deliver. You build great rapport during the initial meeting, discuss new ideas, and ways you can bring value to the table. Later that week, you learn that the prospect selected […]

It’s No Longer Show & Tell; It’s Give, Then Sell

Salespeople love to show and tell. You remember show and tell right? You would bring in a shiny rock, doll, or G.I. Joe and tell your class about what it was, what it did, and why you liked it. As a kid, show and tell allowed children to get comfortable speaking in front of others […]

Want Better Answers and More Sales? Start Asking Better Questions

Asking great questions will make or break you in the world of sales. “Questions are to sales as breath is to life. If you fail to ask them, you will die. If you ask them incorrectly, your death won’t be imminent, but it’s inevitable. If you ask them correctly, the answer will be……a sale.” Jeffrey […]