Are You Replaceable?

Have you ever heard the phrase, “All you insurance people are the same?”  How do you respond? What is your value in the marketplace? In other words, why should someone pay your for your services? Why should they choose you over all the rest? One of my business mentors, Paul Martinelli states there are three […]

Ask Yourself This Question Today!

What are some things you really want to achieve in your business and/or life? Is it more money, better relationships, bigger house, paying off credit card debt, taking more vacations, giving more to your favorite charity, or that fancy sports car? Now, let me ask the same question again with a caveat. What are some things […]

Two Reasons Your Insurance Agency is Stagnant

I asked an insurance agency owner a few years ago about their goals. How did they envision their agency in the next 5 years? What I heard shocked me, yet as I talk with more and more insurance leaders, I realize that this attitude is far too common. He said, “It today’s competitive climate, we […]

3 Ways Top Insurance Producers Grow Their Business Without Saying A Word

Are You a Perceptive Listener? “If speaking is silver, then listening is gold” Turkish Proverb Perceptive listening is the key to great insurance production. Have you ever had a sales appointment where you felt like a rock star on the big stage or an attorney delivering a spellbound closing statement. You rattled off all the […]

You’re Not Ready….And That’s OK

No certification, training, book, or program will determine if you are ready to take the next step in anything.  Sometimes, you just have to jump! In 2012, I was asked to speak in front of 100 agents at a top Midwest insurance agency. This was not only a top-notch insurance agency with explosive growth, but […]

Empowering Your Agency to Success

When you think of customer experiences you have had with your cable company, phone company, or services run by a governmental entity, what are your typical feelings? If you are like many, the words frustrated, annoyed, or maybe even dreadful come to mind. I had a recent phone conversation with my cable company to change […]

Moving Your Insurance Agency From Maintenance to Multiplication

Several years ago, I was speaking with an insurance agency principal about the future of the agency. This is a profitable agency with a solid history and equipped with the tools and resources to surge ahead. I asked the principal his goals for the agency over the next 5–10 years and his answer surprised me. […]

What the Best Insurance Leaders do After Attending an Event

Last week I attended the first ever Elevate17 Conference in Milwaukee, WI hosted by Agency Nation and Trusted Choice. For any first time conference there is a level uncertainty from everyone. The hosts, the presenters, and of course the attendees are all a bit uncertain of what is to come. That is to be expected. […]

The Four Levels of Effective Insurance Influence

We need true insurance leadership now more than ever in the insurance industry. Why is leadership so vital? Our clients need us at our best. Our communities need us at our best. Our organizations need us at our best.  To be at our best, we must know how to lead ourselves so that we can lead […]

The Lid on Your Insurance Agency’s Effectiveness

Leadership is a process of social influence, which maximizes the efforts of others, towards the achievement of a goal. Kevin Kruse– CEO of LEADx One of my favorite and most challenging concepts I enjoy teaching insurance agency leaders is “The Law of the Lid.” “The Law of the Lid” comes directly from the number one […]