Every Independent Insurance Agency Must Ask This One Question

A message to all independent insurance agencies trying to compete in today’s market. You can’t be the cheapest. Someone will always be cheaper. You can’t be the fastest. Someone will be faster. You can’t have the largest marketing budget. Not even close. There is only one option left for every independent insurance agency. Find something […]

Why Insurance is Much More Than a Financial Product

Insurance is not simply a piece of paper, a contract, or a simple transaction Insurance is trust, relationships, and peace of mind. Does that sound financial to you?   A fire destroys a home A four car pile-up injures several people A business gets sued for a defective product An employee has a serious injury A […]

How Much Does Insurance for a New Business Cost?

If you or someone you know has ever started a new business venture, one of the many questions that is often asked is “how much will the insurance cost for my new business?” Obviously, there is no direct answer as every business is unique in nature, scope, and size. Business Insurance has often been described […]

How Much Auto Liability Insurance Should I Carry?

How much auto liability insurance do you carry? Is it enough? Is it too much? Unfortunately, there will never be a perfect answer for this common question as no two accidents or lawsuits will be the same. I will give my opinion of the minimum of what every individual and business should carry at the […]

What Insurance Deductible Should I Carry?

When I meet with my current customers and prospects, a question I often get asked is, “what deductible should I carry?” My initial answer is always very simple. “It depends.” Before I explain why, it is important to understand the deductibles I am going to discuss related to property & casualty insurance (home, auto, business, […]

How Much Will a Data Breach Cost My Business?

A data breach to your business will definitely be expensive, but how much can a business expect to pay after a data breach? That number obviously depends on a large number of factors and would vary by business type and size. This much I can tell you, data breaches are not cheap! The Ponemon Institute […]

What in the Heck is an Experience Modification Rate?

If you have been in business a long time with multiple employees, chances are you are aware of the experience modification rating factor.  However, if you are new in business or just starting to add employees, you may be thinking, “what in the world is this guy talking about?” The experience modification is simply a […]