The #1 Reason Most People Buy From You

Several years ago as an active insurance agent, I become curious about why my current clients selected me as their agent. Let’s face it, there are countless agents to choose from both locally and online. I wanted to get to the heart of the matter on how I earned their business. I set out to […]

Are you there yet?

If you have ever been on a long car trip with young kids you know the #1 question you will be asked repeatedly before you ever pull out of the driveway. “Are we there yet?” I have heard this question countless times on various trips with my family. After several answers of, “No, almost, getting […]

Who are you really attracting to your business?

Every insurance agency wants to attract more ideal customers, but most are not willing to also repel those potential customers that are not a good fit. One of the most common questions insurance agents ask is “How can I attract more prospective customers to grow my book of business?” Part of my answer usually surprises […]

Are you a Marketer or an Insurance Agent?

What’s more important to the success in your insurance business; Being a great marketer or a knowledgeable insurance agent?   Yes, you sell your insurance knowledge in the form of products and services for commissions, but that’s not why your clients buy from you. Every successful insurance agent today understands that they do much more […]

Do You Value Your Time Enough?

Insurance agents, it’s time to prioritize & implement activities that bring the most value to your business & delegate or automate the rest. Insurance agents and owners never have enough time. Never in all of my years of speaking with insurance agents a have I heard the phrase, “I have way too much extra time right […]

5 Best Podcasts for Insurance Agents

I have been a podcast listener for several years now.  Why? I receive personal on-demand audio information when and where I want. If you are are podcast listener, you know exactly what I mean.  If you have never listened to a podcast, you may be thinking, “What in the world are you talking about?” In […]

4 Ways Insurance Agents Can Help Their Underwriters Write More Business

The relationship between insurance agent and underwriter is critical. Both parties are vital to each other’s success, yet often times, the agent/underwriter relationship is strained. Why? There could be countless reasons, but ultimately many agents feel that their underwriters make their lives more difficult by asking for additional information, not providing a competitive price, or […]

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Every Independent Insurance Agency Must Ask This One Question

A message to all independent insurance agencies trying to compete in today’s market. You can’t be the cheapest. Someone will always be cheaper. You can’t be the fastest. Someone will be faster. You can’t have the largest marketing budget. Not even close. There is only one option left for every independent insurance agency. Find something […]

The Cause of Failure: Lack of Knowledge or Inaction?

I fail, you fail, we all fail. The question is why? What causes failure? Why do we often fall short of our goals and commitments? Let’s pretend you want to learn to play the piano. If you have never played the piano before and sit down to play a song you have almost zero chance […]

What Advice Would You Give To Your 20 Year-Old Self? Here’s Mine.

If you could go back in time and give yourself advice on business, money, life, etc., what would you say? I recently was asked a phenomenal question by a new young insurance producer. He is only 20 years-old, but is ready to take on the world. He reminded me a little bit of myself at […]