The Benefits of Perceptive Listening in Insurance Communication

Are You a Perceptive Listener? “If speaking is sliver, then listening is gold” Turkish Proverb Perceptive listening is the key to great insurance production. Have you ever had a sales appointment where you felt like a rock star on the big stage or an attorney delivering a spellbound closing statement. You rattled off all the […]

The Biggest Mistake in Communication

I can recall one of the biggest lessons I learned in communication as a young insurance producer. I was working with a commercial prospect and submitted a very competitive quote. In fact, early the next week I called this prospect and asked if was ready to move forward. He said yes, but he did need […]

Connection Precedes Decision

How do you make important decisions? Think about the last sizable product your bought or the last big idea you bought into. What made you make that decision? I love this quote from my mentor, “Stop convincing and start connecting.” So many of us try to sell, whether it be a product or an idea, without […]

Stop Making Things so Complicated

“Life is hard, deliver easy” John C. Maxwell We live in a complex and noisy world. If you ask 10 people how their week is going, I venture to guess that at least half will answer, “busy.” It’s often said that knowledge is power. I firmly believe in the power of knowledge and education, but […]