3 Ways Top Insurance Producers Grow Their Business Without Saying A Word

Are You a Perceptive Listener? “If speaking is silver, then listening is gold” Turkish Proverb Perceptive listening is the key to great insurance production. Have you ever had a sales appointment where you felt like a rock star on the big stage or an attorney delivering a spellbound closing statement. You rattled off all the […]

The Most Important 30 Seconds in Every Conversation

“Hi my name is Brent. I help insurance leaders communicate with purpose, connect with confidence, and lead with greater influence so they achieve world-class results. I would love to see how I could help your organization. Here is my card, would you like to grab coffee or hop on a call sometime so you can […]

3 Reasons You’re Not Building Profitable Relationships in Your Insurance Business

“If you first help people get what they want, they will help you get what you want.” Zig Ziglar In my 15 years of working as an insurance producer for two successful agencies, I spoke to large number of insurance company marketing reps. Just like any profession, some marketing reps were really professional, knowledgeable, and […]

The Most Important Insurance Skill You Can Develop

We all want to improve the results we’re getting in our lives. For many people, better results mean more money. For others, it may mean more time, better relationships, or better health.   However, YOU define success, I have come to fully realize, and it’s taken me longer than I care to admit, is that if […]

You Have to go First

“If you wait until you can do everything for everybody, instead of something for somebody, you’ll end up not doing anything for anybody.” Malcom Bane Yesterday I attended my local chamber of commerce business before hours. I arrived later than I wanted to and quite honestly, I questioned if I should even go inside at […]

The Biggest Mistake in Communication

I can recall one of the biggest lessons I learned in communication as a young insurance producer. I was working with a commercial prospect and submitted a very competitive quote. In fact, early the next week I called this prospect and asked if was ready to move forward. He said yes, but he did need […]

Connection Precedes Decision

How do you make important decisions? Think about the last sizable product your bought or the last big idea you bought into. What made you make that decision? I love this quote from my mentor, “Stop convincing and start connecting.” So many of us try to sell, whether it be a product or an idea, without […]

Do You Have the “It” Factor? 4 Ways to Build Charisma

Leadership is the ability to influence and one of the qualities of an influential leader is charisma. Charisma may seem like a God-given natural ability, but any person can display the traits and build charisma to positively attract others. I have met many charismatic people in my life. Those people who simply draw you in, […]