The #1 Reason Most People Buy From You

Several years ago as an active insurance agent, I become curious about why my current clients selected me as their agent. Let’s face it, there are countless agents to choose from both locally and online. I wanted to get to the heart of the matter on how I earned their business. I set out to […]

How Much Does Insurance for a New Business Cost?

If you or someone you know has ever started a new business venture, one of the many questions that is often asked is “how much will the insurance cost for my new business?” Obviously, there is no direct answer as every business is unique in nature, scope, and size. Business Insurance has often been described […]

How Much Auto Liability Insurance Should I Carry?

How much auto liability insurance do you carry? Is it enough? Is it too much? Unfortunately, there will never be a perfect answer for this common question as no two accidents or lawsuits will be the same. I will give my opinion of the minimum of what every individual and business should carry at the […]

What Insurance Deductible Should I Carry?

When I meet with my current customers and prospects, a question I often get asked is, “what deductible should I carry?” My initial answer is always very simple. “It depends.” Before I explain why, it is important to understand the deductibles I am going to discuss related to property & casualty insurance (home, auto, business, […]

My Pact to Stop Selling on Price. Will You Join Me?

Price is important.  Price is often the point of comparison.  Price is what most salespeople use to sell their product or service. Selling on price makes you less valuable.  Selling on price undermines your knowledge.  Selling on price eliminates your biggest strength………..YOU! Although I have been aware of this information for many years and do […]

Why Do We Spend More Time Buying Cereal Vs. Insurance?

I was in the grocery store yesterday getting some food and suddenly it him me. Many people spend more time in the cereal aisle making a food decision than they do buying their own insurance. I know, insurance isnt’ exciting, fulfilling, or sexy, but you know what?  It’s really, really, important. Here my thoughts on […]

Three Easy Steps to Ensure you Find a Quality Insurance Agent

Finding a great insurance agent shouldn’t be that difficult.  The reality is that there are thousands of different insurance agents and companies that are all vying for your business. How do you know when you have found the right one?  In the video below, I explain three easy things that you need to have to […]

As the Old Saying Goes, You Get What You Pay For

I have been known to be cheap.  Like many people, I am not a huge fan of going out and spending my hard earned money unless it’s something cool like a new TV, fancy gadget, or Illini National Championship tickets (we can all dream).  My wife has a different view on what’s cool so she […]