Does Cyber Risk Liability Scare You? It Should

Cyber risk liability insurance should part of any business insurance review. I am not a gloom and doom type of person and even though I work in the insurance world, my job is not to scare my prospects and clients. However, it is my duty and responsibility to properly educate, advise, and look out for […]

What if Santa Was Breached?

Santa Claus, Kris Kringle, St. Nick. Whatever he is called, according to my in-depth research by watching numerous Christmas movies, he has one of the most comprehensive client data bases in existence. Think about it.  He has the names, addresses, and most importantly, wishes of every child in the world!  Not to mention the naughty […]

Why I Am So Passionate About Cyber Liability and Data Breach

In 2013, I will be focusing a large portion of  marketing, research, networking, etc. on cyber liability and data breach issues. There are many reasons why this topic is so important so let me explain. 1) Cyber liability and data breach will not just be trendy catch phrases in the coming years, but there will […]

Four 3rd-Party Cyber Losses That Could Bankrupt Your Business

Cyber liability and data breach incidents are more prevalent than ever, yet most business owners don’t understand how exposed they are to this growing threat. Although cyber and data breach losses can result in large first-party damages (losses incurred directly to the business), third-party liability (losses incurred from being responsible for financial loss of another party) can […]

Why Data Insurance is as Critical as Property & Liability Insurance

Most business owners understand the importance of insuring their property, liability, and autos, yet fail to realize the importance of insuring their data. Why? Data may seem intangible, especially in electronic form, but that does not make it any less valuable.  In fact, I would argue that data can have far more worth than most […]

Computer Virus = Time & Money. Is Your Business Financially Ready?

An unknown virus corrupts your business’ entire operating system software. You don’t know the cause and unsure of how to correct this problem. You’re frantic and  need your computers repaired and restored today?  You check with your IT (Information Technology) department and contact some third-party technology companies.  You learn the cost to correct this problem will […]

Why Your Business Needs Security Breach Remediation and Notification Expense Coverage

One of the most important components of any cyber liability insurance policy is the ability to pay for costs resulting from security breach remediation and notification expenses. What are these costs and what are some examples of how this may be covered?  While every cyber liability policy is different I want to discuss the 5 […]

Does Cyber Insurance Cover Crisis Management and Event Expense?

A common question I get when discussing cyber liability is “other than data breach notification, what other things does cyber liability insurance cover?”   Picture this.   A large non-profit’s executive officer has his laptop stolen and someone obtains access to 100,000 donor records, including personal data. There could be many large costs associated with […]

How Much Will a Data Breach Cost My Business?

A data breach to your business will definitely be expensive, but how much can a business expect to pay after a data breach? That number obviously depends on a large number of factors and would vary by business type and size. This much I can tell you, data breaches are not cheap! The Ponemon Institute […]

Could Former Employees Be Your Greatest Cyber Liability Threat?

Great employees are the backbone of every successful business.  Could they also be your greatest cyber liability threat? I speak with business owners everyday and there is no doubt that finding the right employees, training them, and keeping them is a huge task.  Even with the best hiring methods, there is no way to ensure […]