Book Review, “Today We Are Rich”

One of my summer goals is to read a couple of non-fiction books a month.  They could be on business, spirituality, or inspiration.

I thought it would be fun to start posting book reviews on this blog to share with my readers.

I just completed a book by Tim Sanders called, “Today We Are Rich.”  I have read many inspirational books over the years, but this one may be my new favorite.

I heard Tim on “The Dave Ramsey Show” several weeks ago.  At that time, I was not very familiar with Tim, but I had heard about of some of his other books, “The Likeability Factor” and “Love is the Killer App.”

Tim was extremely well spoken on the show and you could feel his genuine passion to help others succeed.   I went to check out the book on my Kindle later in the week.  To my surprise, Tim (and I assume his publisher) were offering this book for FREE for a limited time on the Kindle.  I was going to buy the book anyway, but free is always ok with me.

This book does a great job of providing entertaining stories with solid principles.  Tim discusses the lessons he has learned from his grandmother Billye who raised him.  The lessons are recreated through seven principles.  Here are the seven principles and my quick take on each one that Tim discusses in his book.

1) Feed Your Mind Good Stuff.  One of my favorite chapters and one I will certainly do my best to implement.  Start each day with positive reinforcement before you did into your work.

2) Move the Conversation Forward.  These conversations could be with others or with your self.  The important thing is to move forward not sideways.

3) Exercise Your Gratitude Muscle.  “Gratitude is muscle, not a feeling.”  Amazing principles that we often take things for granted.  This one will make you stop and think

4) Give to Be Rich. Giving is the wonder drug.  Tim tells and shows you why giving is so important in all areas of our lives. 

5) Prepare Yourself.  Do the hard work to prepare yourself at all times. Train yourself, read, network, mentor, rehearse, simulate situations, visualize, prepare yourself for hurdles, and take care of your body.  Tim digs  deep into this subject and has some tremendous insight. 

6) Balance Your Confidence.  My favorite quote from this chapter is “Total confidence requires a belief in yourself, other people in your life, and in something greater than yourself.  When you possess all three beliefs, you’ll have a balanced confidence–something that can sustain you through uncertainties and difficulties.”  Tim also discusses purpose vs. passion which was really powerful stuff.

7) Promise Made, Promise Kept.  This chapter took me by surprise and made me do a little soul-searching.  This chapter discusses accountability to ourselves and others in business and our personal lives.

Obviously, I am a big fan of this book and would highly recommend it to anyone.  It makes you think and plan.  The hard part will be execution.

Have you read this book?  What were your thoughts?  Are there any others you would recommend?

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  • Found you via the great Ryan Hanley. I heard Tim Sanders on the Catalyst podcast (recommend listening to that if you don’t) and have been thinking about reading his new book. Thanks for the recommendation.

    A couple books by Bob Burg and John David Mann (I think that’s the coauthor): The Go-Giver and The Go-Giver Sells More. The Go-Giver is kind of a parable type story in the vein of The One-Minute Manager. Great short read. The Go-Giver Sells More expounds on the ideas.

    • Thanks Brett. I will check out that podcast the two books you recommended. I am always looking at new things to read and check out. I saw your name on Ryan Hanley’s post today as well. He does a great job. Thanks for checking out my site.

      • On the Catalyst podcast–if you’ve never heard of it, it’s a faith-based leadership podcast. The guys who produce it put on these big leadership conferences. The interviews, though, span a wide range of topics. Great stuff!

  • Brent, Thanks for sharing. Books like these where you can take something from them and apply them to work and everyday life are what I love to read. Just ordered on Amazon and looking forward to reading it. Thanks for the suggestion.

  • Hi Jim,
    I think you will be happy you ordered. I am currently finishing Tribes by Seth Godin. I love these types of books.

  • What an awesome blog, first off. Second, the actual book.. I’m intrigued.. although I’m not religious like Tim (I’m more of a Buddhist), I have been a huge fan of Tim ever since seeing him on TV promoing Love is the Killer App. I’ll check it out.

    • Hi Michael,

      Tim definitely inserts some of his Christian belief in the book, but it does not seem overbearing. That being said, I am a Christian myself so maybe I am biased. His overall views in this book are solid regardless of religious affiliation. I think you would really enjoy it. I know I did.

      • Thanks for an idea, you sarkped at thought from a angle I hadn’t given thoguht to yet. Now lets see if I can do something with it.