9 Ways to Dominate Your Industry and Blow the Competition Away

Any person or business can become a dominant force in their field, but you must have guts. If you want to stand out from crowd and become the point of comparison, you have to think outside the box, be creative, and do things others aren’t willing to do. Most sales professionals and businesses I know put […]

An Amazing Example of How One Business Owner is Winning Because of Differentiation

Being different from your competition requires hard work, commitment, and the ability to think outside of the box.  John Armstrong understands this and has used this philosophy to become a top realtor in Bloomington/Normal, IL. How has John become the go-to guy in our area for real estate?  By differentiating himself from the competition.  I believe […]

What Do You Do When You Receive the “Friday Afternoon Phone Call?”

Does your agency or business get the “Friday Afternoon Phone Call?” You know, that phone call at the end of the week where some needs your service right away. Are they a great fit for your business? Most times, the answer is no. This video provides three basic tips on how to better handle the […]

Learn Directly From Your Competitors to Grow and Succeed.

I recently attended a Professional Sales Forum hosted by our local chamber of commerce and moderated by Kevin Woods of Woods Consulting.  The topic was how to become a trusted advisor to your clients.  This was a great topic and something that all insurance professionals strive to attain.  There were four tables with about 7-8 people […]

Differentiate to Win! 5 Ways to Stand Out From Your Competitors

Have you ever noticed that most kids just want fit in with the crowd.  The want to be just like Johnny.  They want to look like Johnny, act like Johnny, and have the same friends as Johnny.   Maybe you have said or heard someone say, “Just because someone else is doing it, doesn’t make […]

Check Out My New Insurance Page, “The Insurance Professional”

Have you ever heard the phrase, “you can’t be all things to all people”? I certainly have, but by my actions have often been more like, “I will be anything anyone wants me to bo at that time even though it probably doesn’t make sense for either party.”  In the insurance world, you often hear […]

The Duct Tape Marketing System

I recently finished a 6 month adventure through the Duct Tape Marketing System.  This is a concept that was developed by marketing guru John Jantsch.  The idea behind the Duct Tape Marketing system is to implement proven marketing system to help businesses stop wasting money on the wrong marketing.  I was part of a group […]