The Insurance Professional Communication to Connection MasterClass

Starting on June 7th, I will be leading a 4-week live masterClass (recordings will be available) to help boost your communication and improve your results.

Studies have shown that your success is 87% dependent on people knowledge, yet very few insurance professionals commit the time and energy into becoming high-level communicators.

Communicating affects every aspect of your business and the bottom line is that professionals who know how to communicate get substantially better results.

In this 4-week insurance communication professional masterclass, you will learn the principles and practices of building powerful connections. The next session begins on June 7th. All classes start at 11am CT (Every call is recorded so you do not have to attend every session live).  You will receive call-in instructions after you register.

  • Week 1: June 7th–Why Connecting Increases Your Influence in Every Situation
  • Week 2: June 14th-The Attitude and Energy Required of High Level Connectors
  • Week 3: June 21st– Creating a World-Class Experience by Finding Common Ground and Keeping Your Message Simple
  • Week 4: June 28th– Inspiring Your Audience and Earning Credibility to Build Dynamic Relationships


What you get by attending this 4-week communication MasterClass

  • Gain confidence and clarity in your message
  • Build stronger relationships and retain more clients
  • Develop habits to increase your influence
  • Learn ways to find common ground with your prospects, clients, and team members
  • Become the leader in your community and industry
  • Earn a reputation that is respected by your audience
  • Grow your book of business

The cost of this 4-week program is ONLY $97. That’s less than $25 a session. You can’t afford not to take advantage of this opportunity to grow yourself and your business…..and if you don’t like it, I am offering a FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

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The Most Important 30 Seconds in Every Conversation

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The Power of Your Personal Growth

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Attend a One-of-a-Kind Insurance Leadership Training

I have recently partnered with three other insurance thought leaders to create Agents of Growth.  Agents of Growth has one mission; To provide purposeful and intentional business growth for insurance professionals.

The Agents of Growth team is excited to announce a brand new training that will take place live on Thursday, 5/18/17 at 12pm CT/1pm ET. Learn more and register here.

You do not want to miss this powerful insurance leadership training as we will be bringing in a world-class guest who was recently named one of the top 30 leadership coaches in the world.

Make sure you register ASAP as seating is limited. A recording will be available, but you must register to gain access to the recording. As a blog/email subscriber, I want to give you first priority to attend this one-of-a-kind training.

Here are just of few of the things you will learn:

  • How to become intentional to get the results you seek
  • Why you need to stop managing results and focus on building winning habits
  • The power of proximity
  • Why the only way you will be truly comfortable is getting uncomfortable

    I can’t wait to see you on the training. Register here:

    Register for this world-class insurance leadership training on 5/18

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