Are you there yet?

If you have ever been on a long car trip with young kids you know the #1 question you will be asked repeatedly before you ever pull out of the driveway.

“Are we there yet?”

I have heard this question countless times on various trips with my family. After several answers of, “No, almost, getting closer, and just about there”, we finally reach out destination…..just before I was about ready to lose it.

I’m not blaming my kids for their excitement as it’s hard to be patient when there is somewhere you want to go. The same it true with adults. We are impatient. We want to get to our destination as soon as possible. If you have had a recent flight delay or walked behind someone who taking their sweet time, you know what I mean.

When I work with agency leaders and producers, I hear the question, “Are we there yet,” all the time, it’s just asked a bit differently. It’s questions like, “How long until will it take to achieve this business growth goal?” or “How long will it take to train this new producer?”

There is nothing wrong with asking questions to decide how soon you will “arrive” at your goal.”

However, there is a difference between “arriving” at a tangible goal and “arriving” at your growth goal.

The difference is in your mindset.

If you think you have arrived, you have missed the point of the goal.

Why? Because believing you have arrived limits your true potential.

When I started my personal growth journey as an insurance agent in 2003, I first heard my favorite quote by the late great Jim Rohn. He said “Work hard on your job make a living, work hard on yourself, make a fortune.” At that time I didn’t fully understand what he was saying. I wanted to work hard, take care of my new family, and grow my business. I wanted to “arrive” by hitting my business growth goals.

As I began challenging myself, learning from other successful people, and hitting some of my growth goals, my understanding of the quote by Jim Rohn become more clear. Your growth and potential do not have a destination.

What I am continuing to learn is that when it comes to growth and potential, there is no final arrival point. While that may seem a bit discouraging, it actually the opposite. Let me explain what my leadership mentor has taught me.

My mentor says to stop asking the question, “How long will this take,?” and replace it with, “How far can I go?”

Setting goals for your business and life is good, but don’t let the goal limit your true potential.

I want to leave you with three questions to consider that have provided me a great deal of reflection and growth.

  • “Where do you want to go in life?”

  • “What direction do you want to go?”

  • “What’s the farthest you can imagine going?”

Now “Go face your grizzly.”

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