Are You Replaceable?

Have you ever heard the phrase, “All you insurance people are the same?”  How do you respond?

What is your value in the marketplace? In other words, why should someone pay your for your services? Why should they choose you over all the rest?

One of my business mentors, Paul Martinelli states there are three questions to ask when determining your value.

1) What is the need for your services in the marketplace?
2) Do you have the ability to do it?
3) Are you replaceable?

When it comes to selling and delivering insurance products and services, I think most of us would agree that there is a need for insurance in the marketplace. I also think that most trained insurance professionals would agree that they have the ability to do it.

The third question however, is where I want to focus my time and energy.

Are you replaceable?

Insurance is looked as a commodity to many buyers today. Although insurance professionals would mainly agree (at least I hope so) that this is untrue, what do you do in your business that can’t be done by someone else…or something else?

Although insurance agencies and producers all preach they bring value to the market, can they explain it in a way that the buyer can fully understand and relate to?

Let me get back to my original question, “Are you replaceable?”

If you were gone tomorrow, what would your prospects, clients, and partners not get that they are currently receiving today? Why would their lives be worse without you and your team?

Those questions may sound a bit strange, but the answers say a great deal about the value you bring to the market.

Can you communicate effectively what is is you do in a way that establishes you and your business as an irreplaceable value to those who could buy from you?

If you haven’t already, begin to make a list of all the things your clients would lose if they didn’t have you as a business partner. Here is the kicker, you can’t list anything that someone else is doing or can do. What do you do that is unique and irreplaceable in the market?

I created a value proposition as an active insurance agent several years ago. While this came from my heart and did describe the value I offered, I didn’t do a good enough job establishing myself as irreplaceable to my clients.

Today as a full-time speaker, trainer, and coach, I must also answer the question, “Am I replaceable?” Here is my answer as I hope it will inspire ideas for your business on what you do that can’t be done by anyone else.

There are many insurance speakers, trainers, and coaches, but very few who have 15 years of hands-on insurance experience and are partnered with the #1 leadership and development company, The John Maxwell Team. I am fully equipped and resourced to create transformational change for insurance organizations through my passion, experience, on ongoing mentorship with the world’s top leadership faculty team.

I design every program specifically for each company I work with to engage all participants and teams with a learning model that delivers exceptional results. When you work with me you will gain clarity on your desired outcomes, gain greater influence, and maximize your true potential. You will achieve your specific growth goals and face your challenges head on. You will see more than just a one-time result, you will experience ongoing transformation. 

I share this with you because these attributes make me irreplaceable to any organization that hires me. I don’t say this to be brash, but only to highlight the importance of knowing and owning your value.

Spend some time today answering the question, “Are you replaceable?”

Once you know and own your value, no one can ever take it away from you.

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