Are you Being Compared or Are You The Point of Comparison? Big Difference

Insurance sales professionals, I have a question.  When you meet with prospects and customers, are you being compared to your competitors, or do they compare everyone else to you?  If you want to win, you need to differentiate.

Have you ever noticed that most kids just want fit in with the crowd.  The want to be just like Johnny.  They want to look like Johnny, act like Johnny, and have the same friends as Johnny.   Maybe you have said or heard someone say, “Just because someone else is doing it, doesn’t make it right.”  Those are wise words.

In insurance sales and marketing, most agents and agencies resemble kids in the fact that they often copy what everyone else does, but does that make it right?  In most cases, the answer is usually no.

When you are marketing your business you need to differentiate yourself.  You need to stand out from the crowd. You need to become the point of comparison.

How do you differentiate yourself from your competitors?  In the insurance world, I have come up with five great ways to be the point of comparison vs. just being compared.

1) Product

Find a product that your business is known for and leverage it making you the expert.  Have insights, knowledge, and expertise above and beyond anyone else.  Get to the point that when someone mentions this product in your marketplace, you become the first person they think about.

2) Service

This doesn’t mean you just say that you have great customer service.  All agencies and agents say that. Provide a service no one else offers.  Offer a free risk survey to every new prospect, offer personalized renewals that go above and beyond your competitors, hold workshops that provide value, or send an anniversary card on their renewal date to tell them how much you appreciate them.   You have to think outside of the box and be consistent.

3) Market Niche

Find a unique industry or two and dominate that market.  Become the go-to place within this industry.  This takes time and hard work, but will allow you to compete without focusing on price.  Understand your market niche’s values, pains, desires and solve them.  Become part of their industry by attending (better yet, speaking at) trade shows and industry events.  Build relationships through social media and digital marketing.  People in each specific industry know and talk to each other.  Be the person that everyone wants to work with.

4) Create a Message of Value

You and your agency may already do some great things that put you above your competition, but do your prospects and clients know?  Think about how you can better communicate and position yourself so your strengths are well-known and understood by everyone.  How do people know why you are better if you don’t let them know?  Communicate and deliver on how you bring value.  Here is my value proposition that I convey to prospects and customers.

5) You

You are the only one with your particular skill set.  Use your passions, hobbies, and personality to separate yourself from the competition.  Write, speak, and share your stories.

Remember, people buy from people.  You are the ultimate difference from any of your competitors.

Go ahead and Google insurance agencies and insurance agents in your area or anywhere for that matter and look at their websites.  You will see that most companies, agencies, and producers look and feel much the same.

How would a prospect know that you are any better or different from any other agency?

Unless you convey a clear message on why you are different you will be swallowed up in all the noise.

In the insurance world, it’s good to be different.  How are you differentiating yourself?  What makes you stand out?  I would love to hear.


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  • Valerie Del Grosso

    Mr. Kelly,

    Although we are in different industries, I can vouch for the fact that the message holds true in the legal profession as well. You’ve stated the problem and the solution here very well. Great post.


    Valerie Del Grosso