The Insurance Leader “Becoming a Person of Influence” MasterClass

  • Are you an insurance agency leader who is looking to maximize your individual and team results? 
  • Do you want to better connect with team and the clients you serve?
  • Do you desire to become a world-class leader?

Starting on June 7th, I will be leading a 4-week live MasterClass (recordings will be available) to help boost your communication, connection, and learn to become a person of influence

Studies have shown that your success is 87% dependent on people knowledge, yet very few insurance professionals commit the time and energy into becoming high-level communicators.

Learning how to communicate and build influence affects every aspect of your business and the bottom line is that professionals who know how to connect with others get substantially better results.

In this 4-week insurance “Becoming a Person of Influence” masterclass, you will learn the principles and practices of leadership and influence. The next session begins on June 7th. All classes start at 11am CT (Every call is recorded so you do not have to attend every session live).  You will receive call-in instructions after you register.

Week 1: June 7th–Modeling: Understand your influence inventory and gain important influence insights
Week 2: June 14th–Mentoring: Building your integrity; how to nurture relationships, have faith in people, listen with greater effectiveness, and how to truly understand people.
Week 3: June 21st–Motivating: Enlarging your team, navigating the course, and how to build high-level connections
Week 4: June 28th–Multiplying: How to empower and reproduce other leaders


What you get by attending this 4-week “Becoming a Person of Influence” MasterClass

  • Gain confidence and clarity in your message
  • Build stronger relationships with your team and retain more clients
  • Develop habits to increase your influence
  • Learn ways to find common ground with your prospects, clients, and team members
  • Become the leader in your community and industry
  • Earn a reputation that your audience respects and admires

The cost of this 4-week program is ONLY $97. That’s less than $25 a session. You can’t afford not to take advantage of this opportunity to grow yourself and your business…..and if you don’t like it, I am offering a FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

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